Google Acquires Wearable Computing Device Company WIMM Labs

Posted on Sep 2 2013 - 11:24am by Editorial Staff


With smartwatch war getting on its full swing – each and every second big tech organization working towards to getting its aim closer to build such a gadget – and the latest to add is Google who has confirmed on acquiring a wearable computing device company WIMM Labs, reported GigaOM. The publication reveals that the purchase of WIMM Labs means Google getting extra resource hands to help it develop its own smartwatch device.

While Samsung about to introduce its own Smartwatch on September 4 and Apple die-heartedly working on the same gadget of its own, there is no doubt Google too will work its level hard to make a fit in changing gadget ecosystem. And, this is what the acquisition adds to it. Even better to add here is that it’s now a wait and watch game here that which company will do how much better. Stay tuned with us and we will keep you informed with the progress in smartwatch market.

Photo Credit: Flickr/bfishadow

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