Give Your Valentine The Gift Of Music This February

Posted on Feb 10 2017 - 1:33pm by Editorial Staff

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, drug stores and malls are decked top to bottom in red, pink, and white hearts. You may be tempted to pick up some chocolate, flowers, or even heart-shaped jewellery for your special someone, but you know you can do better than that. Giving your sweetie a clichéd piece of merchandise anyone could have gotten them doesn’t exactly express how much you love them.

As the second biggest retail holiday in the country, the average Canadian plans on spending $164 on their loved one. Most people intend to drop their loonies on traditional romantic gifts, including jewellery, flowers, and chocolate. But for anyone who’s given and received these gifts year after year, the rote exchange of presents nobody really wants gets a little stale. V-Day is supposed to be about rekindling the romance— not eating candy and immediately regretting it.

Luckily, $164 is a lot to work with. With a budget like that you could easily find something on an online music store in Canada that manages to tick all of the boxes.A personalized gift based off of their love of music would be far more impressive than anything you could pick up at your local Shopper’s.

Sheet music for ‘your song’ would make for a thoughtful and romantic gift, as would a collection of songs from their favourite movie soundtracks, games, and artists. But before you pick up a few booklets, make sure they can read music. The whole point of going off-script and buying something musical is so you don’t get them something they can’t use.

If music theory was never their subject, the musician in your life would always appreciate one of the many accessories designed for their instrument. Piano or keyboard players would be impressed by a work stand, an ergonomic bench, a pedal, or headphones so they could tinker at the digital ivories quietly. A guitarist always needs more strings, picks, tuners, pedals, and cords for their guitar. You can be as creative or practical as you want, taking cues from their collection or asking a music store rep for their suggestions.

The sky’s the limit when you put in the effort to impressing your valentine. Check out the unique and impressive gifts available at an online music store and break free from the tired, old heart-shaped gifts that you and everyone else gets their partner. Your future self will thank you.

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