GitHub Pages Sites Moves To A New, Dedicated Domain:

Posted on Apr 8 2013 - 6:45am by Editorial Staff


A popular development service GitHub announced via its blog post that starting from today its all the GitHub Pages sites are moving to a new, dedicated domain: The move is taken in lieu of security measures aiming to remove potential vectors for cross domain attacks targeting the main session.

The service also says that if you have configured a custom domain for your Pages site (“” instead of “”) then you are not affected with the change while if your Pages site was earlier served from a domain, all traffic will be redirected to the new location.

Changes to Pages sites and custom domains:

  • All User, Organization, and Project Pages not configured with a custom domain are now hosted on instead of For instance, is now served canonically from
  • An HTTP 301 Moved Permanently redirect has been added for all * sites to their new * locations.
  • Pages sites configured with a custom domain are not affected.
  • The Pages IP address has not changed. Existing A records pointing to the Pages IP are not affected.

Changes to GitHub repositories:

  • User Pages repositories may now be named using the new username/ convention or the older username/ convention.
  • Existing User Pages repositories named like username/ do not need to be renamed and will continue to be published indefinitely.
  • If both a and a repository exists, the version wins.
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