Getting Ahead of The Back to School Rush

Posted on Sep 6 2019 - 10:18am by Editorial Staff


The beginning of a new school year is one of the most overwhelming times for parents both physically and financially. So much goes into preparing for children to go back to school that it has become its own shopping season with parents spending between £600 to £1000 per child. It takes quite a toll on family expenditures and requires an effective system of management.

Time management and how to reduce back to school shopping stress

Right off the bat, one of the best recourses to reduce the burden of shopping and last-minute rushing is to start early. From the day the school delivers the back to school list to the parents, preparation for the next year should be underway. Some schools have programs where participating merchants donate school supplies and percentages to them. Others negotiate with suppliers for discounts. These are all examples, parents and guardians can take advantage of right from the start. Another important point is to stick to the list provided. Just like any other kind of shopping, parents can get carried away doing back to school shopping. The reasons could range from kids asking for things that are not listed or even parents wanting a presumably much better or higher quality version than that which was recommended. While the intention is good, it can be counterproductive to both parent and child. Most school supplies are basically the same and will always remain relevant no matter the year or will also be counterproductive to acquire an item that will only serve as a distraction for the child and others in the class. Also, avoid trendy school supplies, especially for younger kids. There is always a new sports or superhero merchandise that hits the markets months or even mere weeks after the last one. The average parent cannot keep up with the constantly changing trends, and the last thing one wants is to have a child throwing tantrums because their fully-functional backpack or pencil case is outdated and they want the latest one, NOW!

Cost-effective tricks to shopping for school supplies

A smart way to stock up on supplies while saving money is to be on the lookout for sales and discounts at school supply stores. Coupons also come in quite handy in these moments, and one can get good quality materials for so much less. Bulk buying is also a highly recommended option. As earlier stated, most school supplies will always be relevant and needed so it often a wise investment to purchase a lot and store them for future use especially when they are being sold at a huge discount. For the more frugal parent, garage sales and thrift stores often unearth the best finds for back to school art supplies. From fairly used backpacks and stationery, one can find so much for almost nothing. A final pointer is to patronize discount retail companies like the works, a company with over 500 stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland that sells an extensive range of books, toys, stationery, arts and crafts materials and so much more. They cater to all age groups, and they have a strong online presence that makes it easier to shop from home saving one the stress of moving from one place to the other. They stock products of numerous brands like Crawford and black and make and create. Whether it is back to school art supplies like modelling clay, paint brushes, mini canvases, sketch pencils and pads or stationery like notepads, pens and pencils or backpacks, theworks is a one-stop-shop for most things kids will need.


Back to school, shopping is one of the most stressful times in a parent’s life. The demand on the time and resources is quite heavy, but with proper budgetary planning and time management, they can get on top of the situation without breaking their backs or bank.

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