How To Get Your Basement Finished

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When you decide to build the house on your own it is always a hard path to go through so anyway you need to get some professional advice. In this article a professional Brampton basement contractor shares his knowledge with DIY masters to help them finish their repair works.

Keep the Basement Dry

All contractors insist on the importance of keeping the basement dry. Before starting the planning process check everything for any water issues. The most obvious signs are drips or water pools which come through the below-grade walls. You need to check everything outside to see that the ground is graded from your foundation. In case you have any cracks in the foundation walls repair all of them before the beginning of the works.

Know the Code

After you have finished the fight with moisture you need to check with the local municipality and see if you have to get any permits. In case you work with a Brampton basement contractor, ensure that he or she gets this paperwork done. Be ready that y might need some special permits for plumbing and electrical work (this step is essential if you live in Brampton).

Consider the Fasteners

Usually basement floors and walls in the houses are made of brick, masonry, block or cement so regular nails and screws do not work for this types of materials. So to finish basement right you need special fastener or even anchors to attach frames to walls. You also might need to rent (from a company or a basement contractor) or buy a special powder-actuated fastener, also called a shotgun fastener. So think about these issues before you start the repair works.

Add a Vapor Barrier

Even if you have done everything right to finish basement project, it still might become a very wet place. So you need to add vapor barrier to all both the floors and walls before finishing off and framing the surfaces. Professional Brampton basement contractors advise to lay down a special vapor barrier and wait for a couple of days before you proceed with the goal to finish basement. After this you can check how much moisture might be coming through before you continue the works.

Create an Offset Space

Even if you have done everything to avoid moisture it still may take place. Always make a slight offset from out wall. You can add special thin slats of metal or wood which are called furring strips. Such strips are also very useful if you want to level out a wavy wall to create a flat surface for framing.

Warmth Issue

Special insulation will help you to control the inside climate of your house after you finish basement. Also, it adds one more layer to control moisture in your basement. And on top of that, it helps dampen sound from the outside. Professional Brampton basement contractors will always advise buying an insulation which includes a both side vapor barrier.

Add Some Warmth

As you know from school physics, warm air rises, so it is highly advised to place heating vents at floor level of all basements. Baseboard heating is a very good option, but it always has to make sense for your house plan. If you want to place it in a finished space, plan everything very carefully without relying on space heaters.

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