Get A Better Deal – Take Negotiation As A Challenge

Posted on Sep 27 2013 - 11:37am by Davis Miller


You just landed a job interview, you have great confidence in your skills, and you’re thrilled that they called you back for a second interview. They want to hire you for sure, but the problem is they’re not offering you enough money. How do you negotiate a higher salary without running the risk of losing the job?

Know the company

Find out as much information as possible about the company ready to hire you. Perform a thorough research and make sure to have a clear idea about salary expectations. You want a raise because you deserve one and not because what they’re offering is not enough. It’s good to have leverage over potential employee because if you possess qualities and expertise others don’t have, they will eventually give in and agree with your conditions.

Don’t ‘demand’, just ask

Don’t be afraid to ask for something you deserve, but don’t make your requirements sound like a demand. Try not to be specific, leave some room for interpretations, and let the other party put an offer on the table. Whether we like it not, negotiating a salary is challenging, especially in this tough economy; hence, it’s important to have the facts prior to asking for something.

Stay positive throughout the negotiation

Negotiating salary terms is an extremely delicate matter, so it’s important to remain positive and polite. If you’re feeling excited about the job offer but you don’t agree with the salary terms, try not to express antipathy. Rather than change your attitude it’s better to focus on talking to your employer about different terms. He may not be able to give you a raise, but there are other compensations that might interest you. The purpose is to reach common ground and settle on a win-win solution. The employer must feel that he made the best decision, and you have to be 100% sure that the job offer is according to your expectations.

Insist on highlighting your skills

To get a better deal on a job interview, it’s important to highlight your skills in front of a potential employer. Talk about your accomplishments and describe your successes referring to contributions you brought to the last job. Hence, the interviewer will realize that you’re a hardworking individual, and that you’re not afraid to take chances and boost productivity. If you’re worth the extra penny, they will eventually give in and agree to your salary terms.

Have some faith

Nobody knows you better than yourself, so if you want a better deal just state your mind and don’t be afraid of rejection. Is your CV strong enough? Do you have arguments to support all your affirmations? Are you aware that a job interview is just another challenge? If your answer’s yes to the above mentioned questions, then you’re 100% ready to ask for a good bargain.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you

You may have the skills to land a great job, but do you have the character to face a tough boss? After you’ve worked hard for 1 year to achieve great things, it may the perfect time to ask for a salary recalibration. Can you do that? Try not to be nervous, set up a date to talk with your boss and do it. Getting a better deal on an initial job offer is not impossible to attain as long as you know some basic negotiation skills:

  • Eye contact – look your boss in the eye and leave all your fears at the door
  • Are you nervous?  – talk less
  • State what you want and have solid proof for every statement made
  • Be polite
  • If you can’t get a raise, ask for some other type of compensation

Are you ready to take negotiations as a challenge and not as intimidation process? While some people are mastermind at asking for what they want, others are scared to state demands because they don’t want to lose their jobs. Believe it or not, there are business owners and managers who value their employees. If your work environment doesn’t bring you enough satisfactions, maybe it’s time to negotiate other terms; there’s no shame in negotiating a better salary or better working conditions, as long as you’re confident in your skills.

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