Generation X Vs Y Vs Z Workplace Edition

Posted on Jan 21 2015 - 8:39am by Alexandra Ashton

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Currently there are four different generations in the labour force which can be very stressful for employers. Even though baby boomers are starting to retire there are still generations X, Y and Z they need to deal with. Each of these generations has different abilities, skills, priorities and work styles which can cause real turbulence in the workplace. It is difficult to find common ground among these generations especially because they have opposing views on most topics. The truth is that they also have some stereotypes about members of other generations. It is really difficult for employers to coordinate all of these differences. But employers who manage to succeed in this will experience different benefits in the form of excellent collaboration among colleagues and opportunities that may arise from their diversity. For example, generation X is believed to have best workers, members of generation Y are workplace specialists while the generation Z has natural entrepreneurs.

If you manage to harmonize the different skills that these generations have, you will definitely get better and more creative results because they will have more ideas. Create an effective and positive working atmosphere to achieve extraordinary success. Members of Generation Z can think of some new innovative ideas which members of other generations would not have thought of. They are true “digital natives”. Did you know that 46% of members of generation Z are connected 10+ hours? That is probably a much more that regular generation X member spends online. Even though most employers agree that members of generation X are best workers, 68% feel that Gen Y is the most passionate employees. The employer that succeeds to get the best from their employees will surely have a successful business. In this remarkable infographic find more interesting information about the different generations to learn how to get most of them in the work place.


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