Gaming And Health – Why Playing Games Are Good For Health?

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 7:00am by Editorial Staff

When it comes to giving sound health advice, you rarely hear people recommending anything that entail someone sitting in front of their computer for extended periods of time playing a video game. But what if I tell you that there is a health benefit to video games after all. Even though there is such a thing as too much gaming, a little bit of time in front of your console can be a healthy thing. Video games have said to have a positive impact in people suffering of dementia and dyslexia. Games also seem to offer comfort to people suffering from chronic pain. Surprisingly gaming has proven to positively impact emotion, cognitive thinking and as well as physical health.

So for those of you who are pinning to hear some good news about gaming here goes.

Physically beneficial

As surprising as it may sound, computer games are physically beneficial. Gone are the days when playing computer games meant sitting in front of your screen in the same position for hours trying to get Mario to his princess. Now there is a whole new physical aspect to gaming. Games now require you to get up and move to make your move. Gaming consoles like Wii, Just Dance, and Guitar Hero involve you getting up and moving about. Even major MMORPGs that require Runescape Gold to move around a little bit. From dancing to playing virtual tennis to golf and even managing your own band, there is a lot more that is there to gaming. This not only increases your score but also improves your posture, helps build your muscle and aids in weight loss. These games are a good way to see to it that you are getting a little bit of exercise in the day.

Cognitive benefits

There is no denying playing video games is good for one thing helping you build a sharper and more analytical thinking process. Video games may have a reputation that is tarnished, but the one thing that no one can deny is their ability to make the player think, and think fast.

Creative games like Minecraft where you build your entire universe one brick at a time, are great to help develop your imagination as well as your story building skills. These games are also great to help you look for creative solutions to problems and complications that may arise on the way. Surpassing a hurdle or perhaps finding an alternate path to your goal, these are just a few ways that games force you to think out of the box.

Improving memory and attention

Puzzles are scientifically proven to improve your cognitive abilities as well as improve your memory and analytical skills and video games are full of it. It is amazing how much information your brain is processing while you play a video game. With a healthy exposure to video games, over time, your brain automatically starts recognising patterns remembering codes and solving riddles while you find creative ways to unlock that stage. There are games specifically designed to help improve your memory and thinking. And we all know that keeping your brain cells fired and running are great ways to keep late onset diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay. In short you can keep your brain much younger at an older age, all thanks to games.

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