The Future Of The Bathroom Is Here Today

Posted on Mar 20 2017 - 8:05pm by Editorial Staff

It’s official: bathrooms are getting smarter. The increasing popularity of connected devices in our homes is a result of the Internet of Things (IoT), a concept where not only our computers and communications devices are hooked up to the internet, but all sorts of gadgets and home appliances are now being developed to take advantage of WiFi connectivity. Even in the bathroom.

The bathroom of the future is indeed here today. Technology has taken bathrooms to a new level, with customisable and programmable features becoming increasingly available to us all – see the Bathroom Discount Centre for recent updates. For those who haven’t seen, let’s take a look at how your bathroom can be transformed into a space of pure luxury, indulgence and convenience with a clever innovations and stylish products.

Intelligent toilets

The new generation of toilets does away with toilet paper and the need to use it. Japanese manufacturer Toto has launched a fully automatic toilet that comes with a washing wand that dispenses warm water and has a warm air setting too. It even warms the seat for your petite derriere.

There’s a motion sensor to open and close the lid automatically, and the bowl self cleans after every flush. Using UV light and electrolysed germ killing water, it only actually needs cleaning once every year. Some smart loos are even fitted with LED lights, so no more walking around in the dark to go to the loo.

Smart sinks

Digital taps are using touchless technology for the ultimate in water preservation and environmental responsibility. Features include infrared sensor taps that ‘read’ the user and turn off when hands are not positioned directly underneath the tap. Digital temperature control settings and reduced tap flow means that more water can be conserved, and money saved.

Then there are programmable tap features such as timed tooth brushing options and shower settings, meaning no one has to touch the tap ever again!

Bathroom refrigerators

A fridge in the bathroom? It makes perfect sense once you start thinking about it. Keep your medicines chilled to preserve their lifespan. Creams and beauty products will not only keep for longer if stored in a chilled environment, the will also feel better on your skin when you apply them cold – particularly if your skin is irritated.

The humidity typical of most bathrooms can actually shorten the lifespan of some medications, supplements, vitamins and beauty products. With a bathroom fridge, the possibilities are endless – keep your eye cream or face masks in the fridge, extend the life of your perfume, keep your eyeliner or lipstick from melting in the summer sun…

Extravagant bath tubs

Built-in bath tubs are yesterday’s news. The most desirable bath tubs today are standalone, preferably taking centre stage in the middle of the room. From Japanese style soaking tubs to retro clawfoot elegance to uber contemporary tubs with pipes coming up from the floor – bath tubs are making a real style statement. Many are made from natural luxury materials including marble, granite and quartz.

High tech bath tubs can be combined with mood enhancing lighting, chromotherapy or a wide range of hydrotherapy features for the ultimate in pampering.

Shower tech

For a more invigorating experience, shower technology has come a long way. Some shower enclosures feature LCD control panels for water flow and temperature, steam functionality, music and more chromotherapy options.

There are Bluetooth enabled shower heads that with wireless speaker systems so you can listen to music or the news while you’re taking a shower. And if you wish to watch TV in the bathroom, you can – with a waterproof television!

More smart accessories

What’s more luxurious than drying yourself with a warm towel that’s been waiting for you on a radiator? Warming drawers in your bathroom are an altogether more civilised way to store your warm, fresh bath sheets.

Simplehuman’s Sensor Mirrors use a tru-lux light system that simulates natural sunlight’s full colour spectrum to highlight every detail. The mirror lights up automatically as your face approaches, using energy saving LED light.

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