Fundamental Strategies For Launching Promising E-Commerce Startups

Posted on Nov 26 2015 - 12:20pm by Vaishnavi Agrawal

Fundamental Strategies for Launching Promising E-Commerce Startups

‘Everything you imagine can be real.’ While the big ecommerce startups like Alibaba, Flipkart,, Uber, and many others are making headlines every now and then for bringing the incredible to the world. Highly-recognized for the success they have attained by personal exertion, these e-commerce groups have certainly raised the bar for the upcoming startups in any industry.

Tracking the statistics of the growing number of startups across the globe, 75% of startups fail while 90% of the products blow up in face. Thus, starting a company from scratch is not everyone’s job but require extreme efforts and patience to create a difference and name in the market. However, with better resources and tools, it has become economical and accessible to enter the world of world of E-commerce.

The need is to have a proper plan in hand and then step into the business web as you can find yourself surrounded by countless competitors. There is always a room for taking risk and finding an individual space to enjoy the perks of having born in this modernized and business-oriented epoch.

For all those entrepreneurs who are aiming towards a novel business career ahead and the ones who are still taking baby steps in online marketing, here are few must-have fundamental strategies.

Get your website Certified: Since you are a newcomer to E-commerce, your website is the first impression you make. With more intelligent consumers today, you have to get your website certified. Apart from gaining credibility and authenticity with the global standards, the look-and-feel of your website is also imperative. Choose the right color combinations and theme according to the products you are selling. Further, try not to be too complex as users like to see clear and legible home banners and pictures.

Stop assuming but face the reality: This is the biggest mistake every entrepreneur commits. Hold on your assumptions with respect to your websites, type of consumers and product launching. You can’t make millions overnights. Just launching the product and website is not sufficient. Start working harder and understand the realistic market and consumer’s behaviors in detail.

Digital Marketing is the Key: Initially, nothing but digital marketing is the key to step on the ladder. Learn from expert’s advice and get associated with Industry Experts to train your employees on Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Focus on social Media: The whole world is connected through social media for B2B, B2C and C2C operations lately. Social media is in fact the most powerful weapon to enhance your visibility among all types of users on an international level. Don’t wait for your company to make an established name before publicizing it on various social media platforms. Hire experts in Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Go viral with your Content: Content is yet another significant tool you can utilize to promote your business. Choose multiple, high-quality platforms to publish your content and accept sponsored blog posts from well-revered writers in the relevant industry. Remember, even if you are startup, maintaining quality and accuracy of the content should be the priority.

Attractive offers for first 1000 customers: Receivingdeals, discounts and free gifts are the topmost reasons for more shoppers engaging in online buying. Come up with some whopping discounts for first few customers or think of more alluring offers to draw consumer’s attention.

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