FT: Google Reportedly In Talks To Build Its Own Music Streaming Service

Posted on Feb 23 2013 - 10:29am by Editorial Staff


What do you think, what would be next for Google to work on? Well, at first it would dazzled you but yes Google is coming up with its own music streaming service. Yes, you heard right – a music streaming service. The search giant is in talks with big music labels to do the so, report Financial Times.

The idea is simple: with the service, the company have the access to millions of songs although it already having YouTube with it, but when think of above the par, the idea is good after all it gives the end user the power to search the music as well as stream the music now.

Further the count is on that as per report if the music streaming service will come into affect it will offer a subscription service as well as free unlimited access to songs, probably (or better call definitely) supported by advertising. Well, all now have to take and see where this project will go.

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