Best 10 Free Online Banner Maker Tools

Posted on Apr 21 2014 - 9:00am by Kate Funk


You wouldn’t think you need a banner creator until one day you actually try to make one and you realize it looks like a squirrel has run around a pile of dead leaves and left his deposit in the corners. In other words, you are going to create a pretty bad banner add if you do not use a banner ad creator.

Why? Who knows why, who knows why if you use a graphic design program to make your banner ad why it still looks like you have copied and pasted your ad from a 1996 website. There may literally be a problem with size conversion, but one gets the feeling it is more a compatibility thing. So, before you run off and use MS paint or a fancy graphic design program, it is strongly suggested that you at least try a banner creator in order to get a feel for how suitable your banner looks when compared to squishing down what could have otherwise been a really small postcard.

Here are ten online banner maker tools, any one of which you should at least try before posting a banner ad and assaulting the eyes of innocent Internet users.

1. Banner Generator Pro

It says pro with the same pretension as any other “Pro” you hear these days, from pro football to proletarian church, but this tool does have a redeeming feature in that it is simple but good. It keeps things in simple terms without venturing into the world of bland, and frankly it makes it hard to create a bad banner ad.

2. Banner Fotor

This is a very popular online banner making program, so it seems unfair to give it more of an advantage by telling you how great it is. So, with that is mind you should know that this is an easy to use but cleverly put together program that allows you to create consistently good banner ads.

3. HTML5 Maker

You can create a very good looking banner ad and it is HMTL5 compatible. If you are going to try this one then try watching someone on YouTube use it or take the time to learn about it. You can create ads very quickly, but if you take your time you can build it into a very nice piece.

4. Banner Snack

Some people do not like the idea of simply using a template in order to create something, but these are probably the same people who don’t like the fact we can buy ready rolled puff pastry in a supermarket. Frankly, a template based ad from this site is more likely to be fantastic than something you build from scratch (at least try the template based tool first).

5. Easy Banner Creator

Do not file for a class action suit for misleading advertising, because this tool is actually easy to use. They have automated a lot of what goes on to the point where they may as well call it a template tool, but the adverts you create look fantastic so who is to complain, and its ease of use makes it dangerously fast to use.

6. My Banner Maker

This tool does create good banner ads and you are going to find what you create to be a lot better than anything you can do with a graphic design program. But, by some foolish move of the unwashed they insert their logo into your banner add which you have to Photoshop out which can become annoying over time.

7. Banner Creator

The name is simple and so is the program. Sure, it is loaded with more features than you may expect within a free function tool, but the process of creation is burningly simple. You replace the current text with your text and have a look at your banner ad. If you want to leave it at that then that is literally all you need to do to create a working banner ad.

8. Banner Sketch

This is an easy tool to use and it if free so complaining about it is unfair. But, if one were to nitpick like a monkey dogs home, then one may suggest that the end result is a little too basic. Though with that said this is probably one of the fastest banner creators on this list.

9. Flash Vortex

It may sound like a crappy 1980s TV show, but this tool is viciously popular because it is very good at what it does. If you have a blog and want to create banner ads for that then this is the tool for you. The only down side is that they put their own name on your advert which you have to pay to remove.

10. Banner Fans

It is a free tool which is normally a good thing, but it has a flaw when it comes to your banner background. It can and does create very good looking banners, but one only wishes they had just added a little bit more in terms of background creation.

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