Free Cars – Do They Exist?

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 6:48pm by Editorial Staff

Okay, you’ve no doubt checked out this blog post because the headline caught your eye. Surely there’s no such thing as a “free” car, right? Well, believe it or not, it’s possible to legally get a vehicle without paying for it!

Quite often, you’ll find ads on classifieds sites like Craigslist offering free cars to people if they’re willing to come and get them! The only trouble with most of those ads, of course, is that the cars will probably need some repair work to become roadworthy again.

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As you may have realized by now, if you want a reliable vehicle, you’re going to need to pay for one. The good news is that there are loads of older but still functioning cars that you can get for less than 1k. But, what if you wanted such a car for free?

Well, short of someone giving you a car or winning one in a competition, it turns out there are a few ways to make any car you buy pay for itself! Thanks to today’s digital age, a plethora of online services are now available to car owners to help them make some extra cash. So, if you need to borrow the money to buy a car, your vehicle can get put to work to pay off that debt! Intrigued? Here are some interesting and creative ways to make that happen today:

The school run

If you’re a parent and have one or more kids in school, it’s likely you’ll need to be their taxi a couple of times a day. The school run, as it’s known, is one of those daily chores that you have to do come rain or shine. The thing is, not all parents can drive or can afford to buy and maintain a vehicle.

Do you live near some families whose children go to the same school as your kids? If so, you could offer to take their youngsters to school and back for a fee. The larger your vehicle, the higher the profit potential. You’d be doing other parents a favor, and you’d be making some cash to pay off any loans or finance you took out to buy your car.

Savvy shopping for your car

As a vehicle owner, you’ll have to take care of some necessary expenses such as tax and insurance. You can’t avoid paying for them, and the former is a set price that isn’t up for negotiation. But, did you know that it’s possible to get cheap car insurance? In fact, depending on how savvy you are, you could get a year’s insurance for free!

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First of all, you’ll need to spend some time online getting some car insurance quotes. Sure, it’s not a fun exercise, and you can probably think of more interesting things to do with your spare time. However, for the sake of an hour’s work at your computer, you could potentially reduce your insurance renewal by 50% or more.

And if you get quotes from comparison websites, you may even get cashback for taking out a policy via a referral site. If your insurance costs are quite low anyway, the money you get back could mean your insurance won’t cost you a dime!

Insurance isn’t the only car expense you can save money on by comparing prices online. You can search for all kinds of automotive-related discounts online, such as:

  • Tires;
  • Breakdown cover;
  • Servicing and maintenance;
  • And much more!

Some people have saved lots of money by seeking lower prices for their car expenses online. And with discount coupons and cashback offers, they are literally making a profit rather than spending anything!

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Automotive video tutorials

Are you a car enthusiast? And does everyone you know think you are a technology geek? If the answer to both questions is yes, here’s a cool way to make money with your car!

YouTube is full of instructional videos that help people do all kinds of things with their vehicles for free. Many of them show visitors how to fix or clean stuff on their cars as a way to save on maintenance costs. You’ll no doubt be aware that YouTube videos are free to watch, so how can you make money from them, I hear you ask?

Well, there’s actually a couple of neat ideas that you can try out. The first is to enable ads on your videos. If they are viewed enough times per month, you can earn Google AdSense commission from ads displayed before or during your videos.

Another option is to set up a blog or website and embed your videos. Again, you can have ads shown in the videos. Or, you can install AdSense code on your site pages to earn a commission that way.

You don’t need any fancy video editing equipment; even just a smartphone that can record videos will do. YouTube has some powerful editing software built into their website so you can overlay text, graphics, and music to your clips.

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Become a freelance courier

If you have a lot of spare time during your day, another way to put your car to good use is by becoming a freelance courier. There are plenty of delivery companies that need local drivers to deliver packages from regional depots.

Should you have a large enough vehicle like an SUV or minivan, your car can get put to good use instead of just having it sat on your driveway! Once you’ve paid off your automotive loans or debts, you’ll then have an extra source of income to spend on whatever you like!

Be sure to check with your insurance company that you’re allowed to use your car for business purposes. Otherwise, you may need extra cover to insure the goods you carry to your drop-off points.

Become an Uber driver

If you’re good at geography and love to drive, plus you enjoy meeting new people, doing some Uber driving might be for you! In a nutshell, Uber is an app-based taxi service. Customers just request a pickup on their app and pay for their fare electronically once they get dropped off.

A lot of car owners become Uber drivers, even if they’ve never had prior experience as a taxi driver! You can choose the hours you want to work, and even the areas where to work. If you’re a diesel car owner, you’ll seldom have to pay much for your fuel to maximize your earnings.

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As with courier work, another advantage of Uber driving is that your car gets used on a regular basis. You may not know this, but cars are often in better shape if they get used on a daily basis, especially for longer journeys.

Vehicle advertising

If you have a day job and it involves a lot of driving, have you considered car advertising? Many marketing agencies pay individuals to advertise brands, products, and services on their vehicles.

The way that it all works is simple. Your vehicle has some custom vinyl graphics applied to the bodywork. You agree to drive your car for a set amount of hours per week, and the agency pays you for the use of your vehicle advertising space.

When you no longer wish to advertise on your car, the vinyl graphics can be easily removed without damaging your vehicle.

Well, I hope these creative money-making strategies were of use to you. By trying out one or more of them, your car will pay for itself in no time at all!

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