France Eyeing On Extending TV Tax To PC Screens

Posted on Jul 2 2012 - 6:47am by Editorial Staff

In the latest move by the French government, it is considering extending the television license fee which will include computer screen from now onwards, once it’s implemented in order to boost revenues for public-sector broadcasting operations. In a radio interview with RTL, culture minister Aurelie Filippetti said the proposed expansion would obviously be a fee per household and consumers need not to pay an (additional) fee if they owned a computer and a television.

According to one latest Global TV survey in March, around more than 11 million French people now watch television programmes on computer screen, tablets or on smartphones, a rise of 41 percent on 2011. If, the proposal comes into effect, the license fee of 125 euros ($160) in mainland France and 80 euros in its overseas territories is used to finance public television and radio.

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