Foxconn Chairman Pledges To Increase Salary In China, Plans To Invest In Hainan

Posted on Apr 2 2012 - 9:55am by Editorial Staff

With the recent news that we reported that workers at Apple’s Foxconn manufacturing unit aren’t happy with the reduced working hours, news is making its way that Foxconn chairman pledges to raise pay in its factories unit and also plans to invest in Hainan. The company will keep on increasing worker salaries in China and cutting the hours of work, Chairman Terry Gou said.

Gou also said: In order to reduce further pressure on its existing factories in Chinese cities, Foxconn would be building high-tech manufacturing facilities in Hainan, as well as expanding operations in Brazil. Foxconn would lift workers’ overall salaries as some employees at its sprawling factories in Shenzhen had complained that they would not make enough money if hours were reduced.

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