4 Tools To Get Document Workflow Processes In The Right Order

Posted on Oct 8 2014 - 7:24pm by Editorial Staff


Getting your organization’s workflow processes in the right order can be a time-consuming and challenging process if done manually. Governmental and multi-national organizations that operate on a large scale and are well-established already have many tools to streamline workflow processes – but small and medium organizations and teams typically don’t, or if they have access, most of them use seriously outdated solutions.

Lots of benefits of process automation with document management and workflow processing tools vanish, when the documents are still looked after manually. For businesses looking to get things in the right order, here are the tools to organize document workflows:

PaperPort Professional

PaperPort Professional has an excellent user interface and works with folders on Windows PCs, so there is no need to transfer documents into the software; the user can easily move the files with drag and drop functionality. The software features document imaging and optical character recognition, both of which can be combined with PDF conversion when filing and sorting documents in the right folder.

Documents converted to PDF can also be merged with other PDF files or split to separate individual documents. The tool also gives you restore and backup capabilities to keep things on track in case there is a computer outage or a security breach. Documents that are filed can be searched for by the metadata they were labeled with when created.


SignNow allows you to ditch the fax, scanner and printer. It cuts the document processing time by 90 percent. The main highlight of the tool is that it removes the need for manual document workflow management by allowing you to get a legally binding electronic signature from partners, customers, and employees in seconds. This will help you save countless hours, spruce up the office environment by reducing paper clutter and smooth out workflow processes.

With this software, the user does not have to search for a paper agreement again, and the documents are kept safe in a secured cloud. Not only does the online solution gives you control over your company’s document workflows, but it also lets you integrate signed documents with other electronic systems.


This is a suite of document management software, and the desktop version presents a virtual cabinet with files, folders and drawers. It lets you store files inside Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint or any document directly into eFileCabinet. The tool also enables users to send documents out of the program to any partner or customer through a security-backed Web portal. Documents are stored on the web and can be accessed for management of files from anywhere at any time.

All content is backed up in eFileCabinet data centers with advanced security measures and encryption. The drag-and drop storage is available for existing and new digital documents, and templates make it easy to manage all your documents.


isoTracker document management software allows businesses to take an automated approach to document management. The software is designed to manage unlimited documents and assign users access from any location. Documents are uploaded, encrypted and stored in folders.

Each folder provides restrictive access at document and user level, and the metadata search allows you to easily discover a document. Documents can be reviewed, circulated, commented on and modified. The tool also provides a usage log for each document.

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