Four Must-Haves For Any Gaming Man-Cave

Posted on Aug 31 2016 - 8:26am by Editorial Staff

All men know that the design of the home is roughly going to be out of their control. A lot of it is going to be following trends and kept more in mind what’s best for guests and visitors. It should be decorated in a way that you like, yes, but it’s not really about your passions. That’s why it’s important to set up yourself up with a man-cave. The perfect place to have a drink, play some video games and just relax. Here’s what your man-cave should have inside.

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Proper gaming equipment

First of all, if you’re setting up a gaming man-cave, then the gaming aspect of it definitely needs some love. Set yourself up with a proper video gaming den. Use proper desks and real gaming chairs. Check out sites like to get a proper gaming mouse and keyboard to improve your performance. Keep your gaming station well-lit and comfortable to avoid some of the long-term aches a session can bring on. Then just install your favorite games and lose yourself.

Some traditional options

A man-cave should have more than one use, however. Entertaining your pals should be one of them. Giving you and them a place to relax and just be guys. That’s why you shouldn’t make it entirely about ‘me’ time. Make it about good times all around. Some of the better ways to do that include making space for more traditional gaming options. It might mean setting up a pool table or a darts board. Those with a bit of cash to invest can even get themselves set up with a pinball machine. There are few things that say camaraderie like bragging rights over a pinball top score.

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Beautiful beer

Don’t ruin your man-cave by having to make supply runs. Keep your very own supply in there. A mini-fridge is the bare minimum for making sure you always got access to some beer. Those with more space can do a lot more, however. You can set up your mini-bar or even look into creating a real bar with stools and everything. Add a touch of authenticity with décor from places like You will easily have the coolest man-cave amongst all your guy friends.

A real cinema set-up

If you really want it to be the perfect place for entertaining guests, then you need to look at creating yourself a home cinema. As suggests, you don’t have to put a lot of money into it, either. Even a cheaper projector can be just right. It’s all about how you use your space. Make sure that you have enough seats to provide for your friends and that it’s not too cramped. If you’re using surround sound, ensure your speakers aren’t blocked by furniture. Similarly, think about soundproofing the walls so the sound doesn’t reverberate too much.

You’ll likely be able to think up more essentials for your own man-cave. That’s good. If it gets you excited or passionate, the man-cave is the place to put it.

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