Follow These Easy Tips To Slim Down Your Luggage While Traveling

Posted on Oct 1 2013 - 12:31am by Alecia Gilbert


Traveling is a lot of fun when everything goes the way you wanted it to. One common problem usually arises due to extra luggage. You must be aware that you have to pay more for any extra luggage you have on you when you are traveling. Airlines are very strict on this issue and you may end up parting with money that you had not budgeted for. You may also find it inconveniencing lugging around heavy bags. This article seeks to give you tips to reduce the amount of luggage you have on you while traveling.

Tip #1: Know the Essential from the Non-Essential Items

When traveling, make sure you know what you really need as well as what you can do without. Sometimes you just take stuff that you do not need, which may end up costing you a lot of cash. One way to determine this is by coming up with a list of things you may need on the journey. Edit the list several times so that the final list does not have anything extra.

Tip #2: Stick to a Single Color Theme

When traveling, you have several options when it comes to the cloths you choose. To cut down on the size of your luggage, stick only to a single color scheme. You can choose different attires but in the same color. You can then get shoes that match the attire you have chosen, which ends up reducing the pairs of shoes you will carry along too.

Tip #3: Wear rather Than Pack

When it comes to large pieces of clothes such as a jacket, then you can wear it instead of packing because this is one piece of cloth that takes a lot of space in your suitcase. This will also be advantageous because you can place small items such as your camera, books, mp3 player, and more in the jacket pockets. Once you have reached the airplane cabin, you can take it off.

Tip #4: Distribute the Weight

When traveling in a group, it is wise to distribute the weight evenly. This is because not everyone will want to travel light, which means that one person may have a lot of luggage while another carrying next to none. Doing this will reduce the luggage thus stick within the necessary limits.

Tip #5: Pick a Light Suitcase

You cannot reduce the size of your luggage when you have a large suitcase to hold your items. There are so many types of suitcases that are lightweight on the market. Most of these are made from light, durable material such as nylon. Additionally, these suitcases are able to stretch more which means they can take more stuff.

To know whether the suitcase is light enough, it is advisable for you to try and carry it while at the store. You should not experience any problem carrying it around. However, you should not compromise the durability and quality of the suitcase for its light feature.

Tip #6: Choose Your Clothes Wisely

Clothes are one of the major causes of heavy luggage. However, you need to have all you need on the journey. To achieve a lightweight luggage yet have what you need, choose clothes that are made from a light, thin fabric. You can also choose clothes that are multi-purpose.

Tip #7: Carry Travel-sized Items

One other stuff that makes your luggage heavy is the beauty products you pack into your bag. However, there are small sized versions of these products that you can carry along. Big bottles will make everything heavy. Carry the small ones which you can replace once you reach your destination.

Tip #8: Understand the Guideline of the Carrier

You need o understand the guidelines that have been set up by the carrier. You also need to understand the charges from every extra weight you carry. To be sure, you can weigh the luggage before you leave the house. With airlines charging hundreds of dollars for a few pounds extra, it is worth the effort.

Tip #9: Understand What Your Hotel Offers

When traveling abroad, it is wise that you understand what your hotel provides so that you do not carry them along. Many hotels provide irons, hairdryers, and more for free. Once you know this, you will be able to avoid adding them to your luggage.

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