Five ‘Must’ Mobile Apps Which Promote Safety!

Posted on Aug 20 2013 - 12:42am by Colin Boykins

Driving And Security

Mobile apps used in the corporate world have been constantly reshaping the structure of the businesses from quite a long time. We are all aware that mobile phones in the current scenario have become dramatically more equipped to let you do much more than the usual text or call. Since everyone is constantly exploring the plenty of ways through which businesses can expand the potential of their close-to-heart phones, if we are also doing so, it makes sense – equally or more! In the process to do so, one of the major factors that are often being overlooked is safety. One of the reasons why safety needs to be paid special attention is because vigilance looks to take place usually after the event.

So, we have plenty of apps lined up for you that can promote safety and knowing how they do so can prove to be an asset in the long run. We have broken them down in terms of application and the area of concern they tend to serve.

Emergency preparedness – because emergencies don’t inform!

Life360 is one of the most popular safety apps that came into existence after the deadly hurricane Katrina and it continues to benefit people in terms of safety. With the help of this app, people can have access to safety tools within a few minutes. This app can benefit people with family GPS tracking, disaster planning, document warehousing, emergency messaging and lot more. They are undoubtedly one of the best alerting systems for the upcoming generation.

It is usually found employed in various places like the apartment communities and the colleges. This makes it easy to put quite a huge group on alert together with the help of emails, text messaging, twitter and facebook. Colleges and the high schools have been found adopting this app quickly and yes, that’s how it should be! You are safe and you will be happy too – with this app that is there to promote safety.

Safe driving – because even little distraction is dangerous!

Safety should be your utmost concern while you are driving but unfortunately this aspect of safety remains to be one of the most overlooked in the current scenario. With the help of an app called MotoRiety, it has now become possible to monitor the distractions faced by the drivers right from attending those seemingly curious text messages to the ‘looking-to-be-attractive’ phone calls. It further plays its instrumental role in achieving safety by reporting all the phone activities. Now if you are a parent of teen drivers, this app will help you keep a check on their accelerations and actually “how” they cover miles. The good thing is that the idle time is also logged and you will very well receive periodic email reports.

There is also an app called Playsafe which is an ideal iPhone app for all those who feel that scrolling music is a dangerous distraction while they are driving. With this app, you can ensure that music scrolling is far less a distraction. Now you must be wondering how this app actually works? It’s simple – this app converts your iPhone into a comparatively larger button which means the users are no more required to scroll through all those smaller icons which are often time consuming and a possible distraction that can have a huge impact on your driving which may ultimately lead to accidents.

Safety alerts – because an alert can save lives!

One of the simplest apps for safety – SafetyNet lets the users start any program and the moment you push that red button, your steps are traced and also constantly reported to the server. Now if you press the red button one more time, your emergency contact person will receive a panic message and will be notified about your current position.

Another android application that’s great for safety is SafetyNet which is quickly activated as soon as your mobile phone is activated. It is capable of functioning in the medical or panic mode even when you discover that the app is not really running. This will instantly alert almost everyone in your app circle, which is usually notified with the help of a distress call. Your position is also revealed to them. This app is amazing for all those people who are lone joggers and go walking even when they are suffering from some medical issues – after all a great thing!

First aid – because the ‘first help’ matters!

When you are looking for iPhone apps for safety in terms of first aid medical assistance, then you do have two really good apps that can help you serve the purpose. First aid for children and First aid for infants are two great apps that consist of instructions and guidelines on the first aid that are easy to read and easier to follow. Both these apps are great for babysitters, parent, teachers and plenty of other people who may require this app anywhere and anytime.

Medicinal uses – because your health is important!

MedNet is an amazingly useful app and we are sure, you would have never seen something exclusively available like this one. With the help of this app, heart patients can send the required data to their cardiologists with the help of mobile phones that are Bluetooth enabled. This makes heart care appear far more interactive and it wasn’t the same as it used to be.

Using mobile phones with apps is great but using mobile phones with apps that promote safety is even greater. Isn’t it? So go ahead and make your life safer – with just an app!

Photo Credit: Flickr/West Midlands Police

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