Five Ideas For Bettering Your Career In 2014

Posted on Dec 19 2013 - 10:59am by Adam Smith


It has come to that time of year where you realise that you want to make something of yourself in the future; there really isn’t a better time to do it than after the New Year. When you make it a solid resolution to better yourself and your career, you might be more inclined to make it happen. That way you can look back one year later and see how far you have come on!

So if you want to see yourself in a better position or industry this time next year, read on to find out how to do it…

Look for a new job

One of the most basic things you could do is to start looking for a new job. There are so many websites online that will list jobs in your sector, so this would be a good place to begin your search. However you can delve deeper by looking for industry specific job sites, or even Googling potential employers to see whether they have any positions advertised on their websites. Many people are also making use of social media websites when it comes to looking for a job; companies will often “Tweet” or “Share” opportunities that they have at the current time.

Change your industry

Sometimes it can be the industry getting you down, rather than your specific job role. For example you could be a marketing executive for a health firm, but you know that your heart lies firmly with anything in travel. See whether there are any opportunities that would suit you in another field, or speak to recruitment specialists as they often have a lot of roles listed with big brands.

Take a course

Another thing you could do after the New Year is to book yourself onto a course that would help you to progress your skills further. This might be all you need in order to secure that promotion you’ve been after. It could also be a route into another career if you need to demonstrate certain skills in order to have a look in edgeways. There are all kinds of things you could look at, from Microsoft training courses to leadership workshops.

Connect with your peers

How well do you know other people in your industry and in a similar job function? Perhaps it is time that you made more connections. This is a good way of finding out about jobs, and even being recommended for future positions where they are working. It can pay to be kind in the world of business, so make sure you conduct yourself professionally at all times.

Improve your CV

If you feel you aren’t getting anywhere with a new job search, it is worth checking that your CV isn’t to blame. It is a good idea to tailor your CV to each job that you apply for, rather than having a generic CV that you attaches every time. Employers want to know why you would be suited to the job they are advertising, and want to see that you have experience in everything that they require.

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