Five Biggest Mistakes People Make While Hiring A Lawyer

Posted on Jan 5 2018 - 7:32pm by Editorial Staff

Law is above all of us and all the citizens of a country are bound to follow the law. However, despite our sincere attempts, we may end up breaking the law because of one of the two possible reasons. One reason might be that we were not aware of the law and its implications while the other reason might be that there was no better option than breaking the law itself. So, whatever be the reason out of the above two, we need a lawyer to defend our case when we break the law. Sometimes, someone else might infringe our rights and in order to make them pay for their mistakes, we may need a lawyer. So, a lawyer can be the requirement of anymore ranging from the richest businessman on the globe to the poorest person on the planet. However, choosing a good lawyer is a difficult task and requires high degree of accuracy.

Going for a wrong lawyer might burn very deep holes in your pocket, which are hard to recover and may even, cause some unrecoverable loss. So, we need to make sure that the attorney we are hiring is suitable for our purpose. In order to hire the best possible lawyer, go through some of the most common mistakes people make while hiring a lawyer.

Mistaking Years of Experience as judgment criteria

Experience is pure gold but not in all the cases is experience the most compatible factor to judge people. At the same time, using experience as the only criteria is also a bad choice for someone who is looking for good lawyers who can solve their problems. Although experience is important and tilts the scale in your favor, it is not necessary that experienced lawyers are best for all kind of cases.

Combined experience of all the lawyers is another misleading number which the law firms use to attract clients. The combined work experience of all the lawyers in the firm might be very high but the lawyer who is assigned your case might be a rookie or might have very low work experience. So, make sure that you analyze all the facts related to years of experience before choosing the right lawyer or law firm for you.

Putting in belief in bigger and famous firms

Bigger firms are often considered as the better choice without considering the nature of the case, Bigger and famous firms have many clients and they prioritize them on the basis of annual payments they get and the nature of case related to them. A high profile law firm will pay more attention to the cases which have public eye and are being followed by the media, as a good result in those cases will be great boost for their reputation. In case your problem is a smaller and less highlighted one, the company will not pay as much attention to you.

In such a scenario, where you want more personal attention to you and your case, it will be better for you if you go for a comparatively smaller firm. This assures that your case is going to get the required attention which is necessary.

Not getting a written fee agreement

Lawyers deal in laws and no one can twist and turn the clauses for their own benefit than the lawyer themselves. Money is an important part of any deal and hence, it is important to get a written fee agreement from the concerned lawyer or law firm regarding the basis of charging and charging rates. Though the lawyers are expected to be loyal and charge as per the charging rate, you will not have any proof of rates in case you have agreed with the lawyer on oral consent. In order to avoid such kind of scenario, make sure you have a written fee agreement with the lawyers covering all the parameters.

Selecting the lawyer without second opinion

The first one that you come across might be the best one, but how can you say that without having a look at others? This is the thing you should keep in mind before hiring an attorney. Check at least three to four lawyers and law firms and then decide which one of them suits you the best.

Not asking questions frankly

In order to get the best results out of your lawyer, you will have to be frank all clear all your queries from them. Not asking questions as a result of being intimidated might make things worse for you later.

These are some of the most common mistakes that people make while hiring a lawyer. Make sure you avoid these mistakes to hire a good lawyer.

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