Five Benefits Network Monitoring Software Can Bring To Your Tech Business

Posted on Feb 19 2018 - 8:27pm by Editorial Staff

Network monitoring is a term that you hear used often in IT. What network monitoring refers to is the method of overseeing the operation of a computer network using specialized software that helps facilitate the process. Your network must be monitored continually to ensure availability and performance levels of the computers (hosts) and network services. Network monitoring software permits administrators to monitor access and routers, keep an eye on slow or failing components, as well as firewalls, client systems, and other network data.

Often utilized by large-scale corporations, universities, and other entities that rely heavily on multiple devices staying online and at peak performance for indefinite amounts of time, network monitoring software is something that most large companies should look into.

What will network monitoring software bring to your business?

Permits remote employees and offices

The face of the corporation is changing and with that comes the need for updated technology and security that can keep up with it. Gone are the days when work stayed in the office and the only way you could “bring work home” was to do it quite literally—with paper.

Now, remote employees and satellite offices mean companies have access to a wider pool of talent and a greater spread of coverage. However, this also means that companies run the risk of security breaches and data failures as IT infrastructures become more widely dispersed and fulfilling SLA requirements becomes more challenging. Network management software allows you to proactively analyze any performance issues that crop up in real-time, which lets you keep all your systems up and running.

Increased security standards

While cloud computing offers incredible benefits to companies, the security concerns it raises can result in time consuming threats that can suck up a lot of manpower from your IT team. Without a network monitoring tool connecting all the dots, your IT staff will be constantly updating security patches and maintaining standardized security settings on all individual systems.

Improved Asset Utilization

As more and more wireless devices are permitted on company networks, it is making it more difficult to handle IP-enabled endpoints in a  “bring your own device” environment. Because of this, it’s double important that companies employ a network monitoring system to allow them to keep tabs on what and who is connecting to their infrastructure. Solid network monitoring software will be able to provide wide-ranging inventory of all wired and wireless devices.

Easier implementation of new technologies

When you have reliable network monitoring software, it will make it easier to identify, troubleshoot and resolve any issues that crop up before they begin to affect your business. It will allow you to maintain bandwidth distributionfor improved quality of service and it will permit you to introduce new technology without disruption by letting you monitor the environment without disrupting service.

Easier access for your IT team

When you implement networking monitoring software, your IT staff will be about to work from almost any location. Be it their home, the office, or in a moving vehicle—their laptops, smartphones or tablets will be just as secure since the virtual workstations will be isolated from the devices’ hard drives. This will permit them to safely use personal devices on company work without risking sensitive information.

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