The First Timer’s Guide To Employing A Good Team

Posted on May 16 2017 - 3:08pm by Editorial Staff

Employing a team for the first time can be daunting. In many ways, it marks a major success for your startup. Being able to afford employees is a goal every entrepreneur holds. But, it also marks a change in your business priorities. It’s not all about you anymore, and that means things need to change. You need to focus on making your workspace the best for your employees. To start, you’ll have to read up on the legal requirements of employment. If you don’t do things by the books, your employees will suffer, and you could stand to lose them, or worse, get sued. But, it’s not all about the legal stuff. You can also think back to your times of employment to help you create the workspace you always wanted to work in. Here a few ideas that should help you get there.


We’ve all worked under a manager who was less than fair. You know the ones; they bark orders instead of asking nicely. And, they’re quick to jump down your throat if they don’t like the work you produce. Nobody wants to work for a boss like that. It makes you dread going to the office each day. Make a conscious effort not to be that person. You don’t want your colleagues to take liberties because they consider you a friend. But, you also don’t want them to dread work. Try to reach a place where your colleagues know they can come to you with problems. At the same time, make sure not to let shoddy work slide. Sometimes, you’re going to have to play the bad guy. But, if you make sure it’s always justified, you won’t be seen as a villain.


Your colleagues aren’t going to enjoy working for you if they don’t feel safe in the workplace. You should have read about this during your legal research. As an employer, you have a responsibility of care to uphold. Make sure you follow the rules. If things aren’t safe, your employees won’t feel happy, and they could sustain an injury. If that happens, you’re in big trouble. If you do everything by the book, it’ll be much harder for your colleagues to bring a case against you. Work with companies like The Elan Law Firm to ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your colleagues safe. Firms like these are also invaluable if anything does happen. They could save you losing a lot of money in court!


Groundwork taken care of, you need to nurture employee engagement. Letting other people in on your personal project won’t be easy. You may feel the urge to continue making major decisions alone. But, it’ll be hard for your employees to feel passionate about the project if you do this. Teamwork is essential in all aspects, including major decisions. If you want to make changes or develop your product, hold a team meeting and get your employees involved!

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