A First Time Entrepreneurs Guide

Posted on Sep 21 2017 - 9:28am by Editorial Staff

There are so many things to consider when becoming an entrepreneur. From the moment the idea popped into your head, to the moment you first enter your new office, you will constantly be learning. No matter what niche you’re entering into, everyone need to start out the same way. From the bottom, so make sure you do it right with these simple tips to help you keep on track.


Marketing your business is key. Getting your name out there from the beginning is essential for every new business owner. But make sure you’re doing it right. To begin with, you won’t have the big budgets other companies do to invest in things such as PPC, Adwords or even TV or radio advertisements. So to begin with, try using cheap methods such as word of mouth. This is how most entrepreneurs such as painters or plumbers spread their business. But if you’re a digital one, try social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Make sure you have a professional logo designed to use as your picture and you’re away. Social media is taking over the world, it’s the quickest way to get yourself noticed. Instagram is also great for showcasing your work. If you’re a web designer. Grab professional photo’s of your work and use hashtags to gain more views.

Money Management

Once you’re underway and your business is starting to generate some decent profit, it might be worth looking into borrowing some money.  Companies such as businesslineof.credit can offer large sums with affordable paybacks. Why do you need it if you’re doing so well already? Well there’s always someone ahead of you. Someone with bigger tools, better technology, and more staff. Investing in all of these will propel your business further, and as long as you don’t get too carried away with the amount you lend, the profit you’ll make from doing it will more than cover the repayments. Making sure you’re always on top of your finances within the first two or three years is vital and these are the most volatile years. Depending on things such as inflation, job losses and the general economy, more businesses crash rather than make it. So don’t spend too much to begin with.

Time Management

All of you will struggle with this in the beginning. They’ll be more sleepless nights than you care to imagine, and a lot of delays in delivering work due to you finding your feet at the same time. Using planning apps, diaries, alarms, anything that will remind you to keep to each deadline of each task is crucial. Eventually, poor time management will lead to loss of sales, customers and potentially a business. Make sure you’re investing time in yourself as well. Having a few hours of you time a day will really help clear your mind for other tasks.

If you’re a new entrepreneur starting out, we hope this guide helps you with some of the basics you need to master. If you’re an entrepreneur and have any tips that have helped you, feel free to leave a comment!

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