Firefox 15 Passes 10% Mark, While Internet Explorer 8 Falls Below 25% Market Share

Posted on Oct 2 2012 - 5:33am by Editorial Staff

According to the latest data from NetMarketShare, Internet Explorer 8 falls below 25% market share, while Firefox 15 passes 10% mark. Between August and September, Chrome fell apart a 0.27 percentage points, while Safari gains 0.16 percentage points. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox are managed to gain a mere 0.03 percentage points and Opera gained 0.04 percentage points.

Microsoft’ s IE9 being able to gain a total of 19.45 percentage of the market, while IE8 loose a total of 1.18 percentage points, falling below 25 percent mark. Firefox last month make a total of 10.91 percent of the market share, while Firefox 14 lost 9.52 percentage points. While Chrome was at 18.86 percent with Chrome 22 version able to tap 1.77 percent meanwhile Chrome 21 fell 0.14 percentage points.

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