FBI Proposes Anti-Piracy Warning Seal, BEWARE Copyrighters

Posted on Jul 13 2012 - 5:40am by Editorial Staff

What it sounds like when you are running a business that works on producing copyright works across dozens of categories, it often strikes your mind that if someone stole mine work, how can I make it authorized as well as authenticate in the way that yes, it’s mine work. To help you out, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) finalizes its proposed regulation (via Techdirt) regarding the FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Seal (APW Seal). The rule provides a general authorization allowing all copyright holders to use the APW Seal, subject to specific conditions of use. This means that adding the seal on your work, without actually need to register for copyright protection, the thing will help you out in an ease manner.


(Image Source: Techdirt)

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