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Fashion for children is a huge market, with availability in lower end, mid-range or high-end clothing stores. Designing clothing for children and its business possibilities have also attracted the attention of the most prestigious and iconic brands on the market. For many parents who can afford such price tags, this means they can dress your kids up with catwalk results from the most consumed and widespread signatures around the world.

As there are many brands to choose from, all tastes, such as those that are only deal with children, or exclusive for babies are available. These are the some of the most “it” children’s fashion brands in the world.


Gucci is an Italian brand founded by Guccio Gucci famous for his well-structured leather bags. In 1920 Guccio Gucci set up a store with leather bags in a classic style which then followed other clothing designs for men, women and later children. Gucci children’s fashion comes with numerous imaginative winks. The luxury of Italian details is also included in the Gucci children’s range with glamor and exclusive touches, such as the Gucci symbol, or the already classic and recognizable prints of the brand. Flared patterns for girls are common, along with the use of leather and silk.


Diesel is a popular brand that is increasing its production in clothing for children and adults. They make jackets, costumes for ladies and sets for the little ones in the house. They also produce accessories and are characterized by innovating in each season. Diesel is a great versatile brand, and many of their children’s clothes can be found at discounted prices in a number of online stores. Check it out.

Armani Kids

Giorgio Armani is the founder of the Armani brand. He is an Italian fashion designer who interestingly, first studied medicine, then later went into photography and fashion. His first taste of the fashion world was at a large department store in Milan, where he worked as a window dresser. In 1970 Armani opened his first fashion house called ‘Emporio Armani,’ and his trademark was the stylized eagle. His creations are characterized with timeless elegance.

With a fashion adapted from its codes and adult codes for children, Armani Junior was born in 1982 to fill with glamor the different activities of a child’s life. Always present is a fashion very sensitive to trends, comfort, and warmth, and clothing that is easy to carry, however elegant it may be. The use of natural fabrics are the basic essentialsin their children’s clothing.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most recognized brands in the USA that designs for children around the world but with a marked American style. The denim clothes, the perfect mix of casual wear with other more classic styles, and the use of colors of North American inspiration par excellence, such as blue and red, are the details that always identify this brand of high-quality clothing.


Burberry is the most exclusive and well-known brand in Britain. Burberry has a long history that starts in 1856, founded by a boy named Thomas Burberry of 21 years. He thus opened his first store in England. The checks in red, camel, black and ivory, characteristic of the signature, usually appear as a print or as details of contrast in both children and adult clothing designs.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a large company known for its underwears, clothing, watches, and sunglasses. It is a very broad brand and well-known designer brand that caters for both adults and children. Calvin Klein has become known for his comfortable underwear for men and women, which was later extended for children. Their kid’s clothing is mainly sporty, casual and comfortable.


DKNY, also known as Donna Karan New York, is an American brand founded by Donna Karan. Donna Karan has worked with various fashion designers but in 1988 was when DKNY was born.

Donna Karan has always used the city of New York as inspiration, hence why urban clothing, full of color, with glamorous winks, was the primary focus. New York is the origin of the firm and is always an inspiring city for children’s collections, very comfortable and urban. In its official web pages, there are no children’s collections that, however, can be seen in the most exclusive department stores around the world.

Dolce and Gabanna Kids

Dolce & Gabbana was founded by two men Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. It is an Italian brand that has won national recognition worldwide. In 1989 they opened their first store in Japan with a collection that exuded Italian designs that retained a vintage richness of color and fabrics. The identifying details of Dolce and Gabbana are the brocades, the traditional embroidery in vintage structures, the fabrics with great fall and the floral or baroque prints, with the color wheel that will always be a symbol of the brand. Clothes are usually elegant, perfect for special occasions and also for day to day wear. If vintage clothing for kids is your preference, then this brand is a must.


Chlôe is a reference brand of French fashion that, for the moment, presents collections only for girls, marked by their feminine character, the richness of their fabrics and the dream designs. Girls can be dressed with elegant charm, with ruffles light colors and touches of exclusivity.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrara children’s clothing is basically elegant and classic, but comfortable, fresh and very up-to-date. There is always a bow, a steering wheel, a jacket closure for a child or a two-tone shirt that make a difference.

Roberto Cavalli Junior

It has a junior line and a baby line. Roberto Cavalli is one of the best Italian fashion labels and creates a charming clothing with a characteristic Italian design that allows you to dress your children as if they are on a catwalk. The clothes contain mixtures of prints that give character to child with their very own signature style. Bear in mind that his clothes also make use of the skin of wild animals, which may not be suitable for all children. However, there are also many clothes with motifs of flowers that contain a great presence of color, skin, brightness and strass.

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