Facebook Updates Ads Manager, Making it Easier to Track Campaign Performance

Posted on Apr 3 2013 - 1:25am by Editorial Staff


Giving a vital edge to advertisers, the social giant has released an updated version to its Ads Manager, making it “even easier” for advertisers to track performance against specific goals, calculating ROI. The updated Ads Manager rely more on specific goals, allowing advertisers to fly their own way of tracking performance i.e. app installs, fan counts, interactions etc.

To count on how the new system will work for advertisers, let’s say advertiser decided on getting more page likes, result of which the Ad Manager will start to show “Page Likes” in better way and will calculate “Cost per Page Like” for your ads. Similarly, taking care of other on veins, to calculate an ad campaign’s ROI, the advertisers can choose to use conversion tracking with your ads in order to automatically see the results. You can also see the calculated “Cost per Conversion” for each ad, where Facebook will calculate the total “Conversion Value” of all conversions for that ad.

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