Facebook Shares Public Dashboard, Showing Real-Time Power, Water Usage Data At Datacenters

Posted on Apr 18 2013 - 11:16pm by Editorial Staff

Facebook today introduced two new dashboards with the way by which it intends to improve power and water usage at its Oregon and North Carolina datacenters. This will allows users to log-in to see the two base metrics, along with other parameters, including the external humidity and temperature for Facebook’s data installations in Prineville, Oregon and Forest City, North Carolina.


Lyrica McTiernan, a program manager for Facebook’s sustainability team says:

“All our data centers are literally still construction sites, with new data halls coming online at different points throughout the year.”

“Since we’ve created dashboards that visualize an environment with so many shifting variables, you’ll probably see some weird numbers from time to time. That’s OK. These dashboards are about surfacing raw data – and sometimes, raw data looks messy.”

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