Facebook Outlined Security Initiatives For Its Mobile Users

Posted on Jun 8 2012 - 4:38am by Editorial Staff

Back in May, Mark Zuckerberg said that mobile is his top priority and now we are seeing that he might be getting really more serious about it. The social giant in a blog post from the security team outlined initiatives that the company is using to make your mobile experience more secure. Facebook announced a few improvements to its safety and security products that will now be available to the nearly half billion users that access the site using a mobile device.

Here is what the team had improved in its own words:

Code Generator

Code Generator is our latest addition to our Login Approvals feature, aimed at making it easier to confirm logins made on new devices. Before, if you had any difficulties receiving SMS or had poor cellular service, it was often tough to use Login Approvals easily. Now, using Code Generator, users will be able to receive Login Approval codes through your Facebook Application, without waiting on an SMS, and it will work regardless of whether you have cellular or Internet access.

Reporting unwanted content on your phone

If you are using our mobile site on a touch-enabled device, you can hide or report any inappropriate or unwanted content by following these simple steps:

  • Click on the feedback icon for the story (where it shows likes and comments) OR the ‘Comment’ link
  • Click the icon in the upper right hand corner and select an option

We’re working to bring this functionality to all our mobile apps in the future but you can now use it simply by going to m.facebook.com.

Improved mobile recovery flows

Over the past year we’ve been working tirelessly to make all these flows work on your phone, and now you will be able to clear these checkpoints from your mobile device. Did someone add an unwanted email to your account? Now you can lock down your account and clean up any damage done using your phone. Did a hacker login from across the globe? You can review that login and reset your password on your phone. We’ve even extended our social authentication tool to work on your phone to give you even more ways to get back into your account.

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