Facebook, Google Spent Record Lobbying Amount In 2012, Up 196% and 70% Over 2011

Posted on Jan 24 2013 - 12:14pm by Editorial Staff

The reports are out and both Facebook and Google spent record amounts on lobbying in 2012, up 196% and 70% over 2011. The social giant spent a record $1.4 million on lobbying in Q4 2012 while the search giant spent about $3.35 million on lobbying in Q4 2012.


Facebook spent on the following lobbying issues:

  • International regulation of software companies; restrictions on Internet access by foreign governments; protecting and advancing online freedom of expression.
  • Federal policy on issues relevant to technology and Internet policy including privacy, security, protecting children and online safety.
  • Education regarding Internet media information security policy and Internet privacy issues; federal privacy legislation; freedom of expression on the Internet.
  • Education regarding online advertising.
  • Discussions regarding reform of immigration system, including temporary high-tech worker visas and
  • employment-based permanent residency.
  • Discussions regarding cyber security and data security.


While, Google spent on the following lobbying issues:

  • Regulation of online advertising.
  • Privacy and competition issues in online advertising.
  • Music licensing and treatment of “orphan” works.
  • Intellectual property enforcement.
  • Consumer energy information.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • High Skilled Immigration and Job Creation.
  • Openness and competition issues in online services.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Technology.
  • Online small business advertising issues, benefits of cloud computing and online advertising for small businesses.
  • International tax reform.
  • Open Internet access.
  • Government access to communications.
  • Spectrum allocation.
  • Broadband Adoption and Deployment.
  • Freedom of expression and intellectual property in international trade agreements.
  • YouTube Issues.
  • Google Earth issues.
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