Facebook down?, Anonymous Tweets

Posted on Jan 26 2012 - 4:59am by Editorial Staff

Facebook – the world’s largest social networking website was down yesterday (Pacific Time). The Hacker Group Anonymous after the takedown of content sharing website Megaupload attacked many of government and big companies website.

In their recent outrage, according to the video on YouTube said that hacker group threatens Facebook January 28. However the AnonOps Twitter account called it as “mass media lie.” There are huge series of digital war going on after the Megaupload was accused by the US infringement charges.

The YourAnonNews Twitter account wrote, “cough cough, uh, looks like http://facebook.com is having a slight accessibility problem. #Anonymous.”

Strangely, YourAnonNews tweet again saying, “Facebook down? http://goo.gl/lZo9n — Bwahaha, trolled! #Anonymous ^_^.”

However, the AnonOps account took the opposite stance, writing, “#Facebook.com is NOT under denial of service attack. STOP LYING.”

It sees either way, Facebook seems to be back up. Or as YourAnonNews put it, “You are now free to play Farmville and Mobwars.”

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