Facebook Brings ‘Like’ Button To Mobile

Posted on Jun 20 2012 - 6:58pm by Editorial Staff

Facebook in its latest added functionality will now allow “Like” button can be integrated in the mobile applications giving users more flexibility to share and like the content through the mobile phones. The like button enables you to build your own like buttons for your mobile or web app and will drive distribution across Facebook.

You can use the new like action to implement your own like button for a more integrated experience with your app on web and mobile platforms, as Instagram and foursquare have done. Unlike the Like button, people must authorize your app to publish like stories. Continue to use the Like button to make it easy for anyone who visits your website to share content back to Facebook.

In order to use the new like action, follow the below guidelines and policies:

  • Starting today we will no longer approve custom like actions. Apps that currently use a custom like action must migrate to use the built-in like action in the next 90 days. We have updated the Platform Roadmap to reflect this change.
  • A like may only be published when a person performs a like action. For example, if someone gives a movie a five-star rating in a movie app, that warrants a rated action rather than a like action.
  • For more guidance on creating your own like buttons, please see our branding guidelines.
(Image Source: Facebook)
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