Facebook Asking Its Over 901 Million Users To Vote On Proposed Policy Changes, Will Require 270 Million To Be Binding

Posted on Jun 2 2012 - 5:10am by Editorial Staff

The social giant asking its 901 million users to vote on changes to its privacy policy. Facebook is ready to adopt a new “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” and data use policy. The new policy opens up the possibility for Facebook to start showing people ads on outside websites. The voting period starts Friday and will run throughout next week.

This is the second time since from 2009 social giant letting users vote on policy changes. In order to make this process binding, thirty percent of Facebook’s 900 million users, or 270 million people have to vote on the changes to make this happen.

“While our participatory mechanisms may change, our commitment to greater transparency, accountability and responsiveness will not,” Facebook vice president Elliot Schrage wrote in a blog post. “We will explore ways to bring user suggestions and concerns before Facebook’s management.”

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