Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Successful PPC Campaign

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If you plan on starting a PPC campaign, then you must ensure it’s successful to make it worthwhile. You need to make sure you take the appropriate steps to get your campaign off to a good start. What are those steps? Here’s everything you need to know…

Understand Your Target Market

The first thing you need to do is make the effort to understand your target market. Know who is looking for your product/service, where they’re looking for it, and where most of your traffic is coming in from. You can use some kind of tracking software to help you with your campaign.

Choose Correct Keywords

The keywords are the most important part, as these are what a searcher uses when stumbling upon your site. The keywords for your business need to be relevant. If you sell designer shoes, you wouldn’t have ‘bargain shoes’ as a keyword. ‘Shoes’ would be too broad of a keyword. ‘Designer shoes’ would be perfect, although there may be high competition for this.

Bid on Correct Keywords

When you bid on a keyword, this is how much you’ll pay when somebody clicks on your ad. Make sure you’re bidding on suitable, relevant keywords for the best results.

Get the Hang of Bid Management

Having a successful campaign is usually down to successful bid management. Make sure you’re not paying too much per click.

Contact an Outside Company

If you’re new to PPC, you don’t need to go it alone. An outside company who specialises in services such as PPC audit and PPC management could be just the thing you need to get your campaign running smoothly.

Have a Good Idea of Your Goals

You should have a clear idea of your goals as a business; do you want more sales? More brand awareness? Every business wants something more specifically. This will help you steer your campaign the right way.

Set Yourself a Budget

If you don’t have a budget, you could end up frittering away the cash you do have. Set yourself a budget so you know what you can afford for your keywords.

Think of an Attention Commanding Headline

Your headline must be appealing, otherwise nobody will click on your ads. No matter how good you rank for certain keywords, you won’t get a lot of visitors if your ad is half-assed.

Monitor Your Campaign and Optimize

Your campaign should be consistently monitored so you know what is working and what isn’t. After a while, you can optimize your campaign further with the information you’ve collected. This will ensure your campaign never goes out of date and that you are consistently improving.

Don’t Break the Rules

Don’t make your ads misleading. If you do, you may get visitors but you won’t get many conversions. Conversions should be the end goal, right? There are other rules you need to stick to too, so make sure you research these and follow them properly.

Now you know everything there is to know, you can run your campaign with total confidence!

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