EU, Others Asks Google Over Glass Privacy Issues

Posted on Jun 19 2013 - 9:51pm by Editorial Staff

Google Glass

Although Google Glass still a year away to reach consumers, but the officials in the European Commission and several countries has put the search giant on fire over it and asking the company’s chairman Eric Schmidt over Glass privacy issues. The countries questioning Google includes Israel, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand along with representative of the EU’s privacy-focused Article 29 Working Party. The group in an open letter has asked the company over whether they could test Glass capabilities or not?

“To date, what information we have about Google Glass … largely comes from media reports, which contain a great deal of speculation, as well as Google’s own publicizing of the device,” wrote the officials. Interestingly, the company has shared all the guidelines earlier itself, and with this its nothing but noting that they “appear to be largely related to advertising within Glass.” We understand that other companies are developing similar products, but you are a leader in this area, the first to test your product ‘in the wild’ so to speak, and the first to confront the ethical issues that such a product entails, says the letter.

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