The Essential SEO Ranking Factors Your Website Needs

Posted on Jul 19 2017 - 12:27pm by Editorial Staff

As we all know, websites are a very important tool when it comes to marketing your business. In fact, every single digital marketing campaign on the planet revolves around a website. The main aim is to get as much traffic as possible and then convert that traffic into leads. One of the key ways you can increase traffic is through SEO.

If you’re looking to improve the SEO of your site, make sure you include these three essential ranking factors:


It’s well known within the marketing industry that images on a website are a must for SEO purposes. If you’re not in the know, this may seem a little strange to you. How can an image be good for SEO? Well, it works in two ways; first, an image breaks up text and makes your website easier for people to digest which boosts user experience. Google, and other search engines, like websites that provide a good UX, and it can improve your rank. But, most importantly, you can add tags to your image and include keywords in these tags. In doing so, you make it more obvious what your page is about, which search engines love, which leads to a higher ranking.


Backlinks are something of a forgotten ranking factor these days. Many people gave up on their link building strategy a while ago when Google introduced algorithms that penalized a lot of links. The truth is, it just penalized spam links and forced people to build backlinks properly. The core concept remains the same, the more backlinks you have pointing to your site, the higher up it will appear in the search results. There are loads of resources out there that can help you build more backlinks properly. Just the other day I was reading this blog post; How To Build Backlinks – A Link Strategy From 5,734 Anchor Texts, and learned a bit of new information. On a basic level, you need to focus on getting more links to your website, while also including links to other sites on your site. The mere fact many people forget to do this will play in your favor as it can be a great way to give yourself a boost past the lagging competition in the rankings.

High-Quality Content

Google has always placed emphasis on quality content as a big ranking factor. Again, this goes back to the whole user experience thing. By providing quality content, you give your audience something of value. In essence, their experience of your site is heightened. This SEO essential has been made even more important after the latest Google algorithm update; Google Fred. With this update, sites that don’t showcase any valuable content are penalized and lose ranking places. So, if you’re eager to rank highly and market your website as best as you can, you need to ensure there’s quality content on every page. This content needs to mean something to the user, it must provide them with something valuable.

With these three ranking factors, you will go a long way to improving search engine performance and making your website appear higher in search results.


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