Ericsson Announces Q2 2012 Results: Sales Up 1% YOY, 9% QOQ, Net Income SEK 1.2 b., EPS Diluted SEK 0.34 (0.96), EPS Non-IFRS SEK 0.78 (1.60)

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Ericsson has reported its second quarter 2012 results with sales in the quarter increased 1% YOY and 9% QoQ. The acquired Telcordia operation added sales of SEK 1.1 b. in the quarter, split 50/50 between segments Global Services and Support Solutions. Networks sales decreased -17% YoY primarily due to the expected decline in CDMA equipment sales as well as weaker development for GSM sales in China and slower operator investments in Russia. Networks sales increased 2% QoQ. CDMA equipment sales declined close to -50% YoY to SEK 2 b. and are expected to continue its rapid decline in H212.

Global Services continued to show strong momentum with growth of 26% YoY and 17% QoQ and all areas grew. Global Services represented 44% (35%) of total sales in the quarter compared to 40% in Q112. Support Solutions sales were strong with 47% growth YoY and 15% QoQ driven by strong demand for billing systems and TV solutions. Both Global Services and Support Solutions were positively impacted by the added sales from the acquired Telcordia.

Total operating expenses amounted to SEK 15.0 (15.8) b. R&D expenses amounted to SEK 8.1 (8.1) b. and increased slightly QoQ due to restructuring. Full year R&D expenses is now expected to be SEK 30-32 b. compared to previous estimate of SEK 29-31 b. The increase is due to selective investments in key radio technology areas to extend technology leadership and FX.

Selling and general administrative expenses (SG&A) amounted to SEK 6.9 (7.7) b. SG&A is down -8% YTD, excluding restructuring charges and the impact from the acquisition of Telcordia. In Q211, SG&A was impacted by restructuring charges of SEK 1.2 b. vs. restructuring charges of SEK 0.1 b. in Q212.

Other operating income and expenses was SEK 0.5 (0.2) b. and decreased SEK -7.2 b. QoQ due to the gain of SEK 7.7 b. from the divestment of Sony Ericsson that was reported in Q112. The SEK 0.3 b. in segment Sony Ericsson relates to a resolved dispute from a litigation process with a third party.

Operating income, excluding JVs, decreased to SEK 3.3 (5.0) b. due to lower profitability in Networks but with a positive impact from lower restructuring costs. Operating margin was 5.9% (9.2%) compared to 5.5% (excl. gain from divestment of Sony Ericsson) in Q112.

Ericsson’s share in ST-Ericsson’s income before tax was SEK -1.3 (-0.7) b. Financial net amounted to SEK -0.3 (0.3) b. and decreased QoQ from SEK 0.0 b. mainly related to negative currency exchange revaluation effects. Net income decreased to SEK 1.2 (3.2) b. due to lower profitability in Networks and increased loss in ST-Ericsson.

EPS diluted was SEK 0.34 (0.96). EPS Non-IFRS, excluding restructuring, was SEK 0.78 (1.60). Cash flow from operations was negative SEK -1.4 (5.8) b., mainly due to late invoicing in the quarter. Cash conversion year to date is -9%. Cash outlays for restructuring amounted to SEK 0.3 (1.2) b. Cash outlays of SEK 1.0 b. remain to be made from the restructuring provision.

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