8 Proven Factors For Successful Mobile Application

Posted on Mar 9 2015 - 7:02am by Chirag Leuva

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The world of mobile apps is changing with the fast pace technology. Millions and thousands of applications are placed in the App Store and Google play. How many of them prove to be successful? Business specific mobile apps adopt essential skill set to help their apps show in the top result. But still it is shocking how so many apps result in an ultimate failure.  Merely building and placing the application in such crowded app store, will not guarantee you a success. While developing your own mobile app, you need to focus on winning factors that make your app a success.

Check out those critical yet simple factors need to be implemented to successfully navigate the crowded app marketplace.

User Friendly Apps – Enhances rich and engaging user experience!

Keep your mobile apps simple and user-friendly as it makes the user spend more time otherwise they find your app poor in respect of navigation. What should be the concern, in making an outstanding app interface? The interface should be such that even a naive user understands without sacrificing any of the features.  Not only the interface, but the app screen should be neat, clear and uncluttered with specialized and interactive features.

Flipboard app is the best example that keeps you updated with the latest news about the subject in which you are interested.

Elegant design – A big success factor!

A well-designed app is the first impression that a potential user considers prior making any download.  With high-definition graphic design and sleek layout, your app will carry your brand message and prove to be a big success factor. Find a good designer and have a winning graphic design that captivates the eyes of users.

Providing value with updated information – A key to an ultimate success!

With thousands of active apps, you wonder how to resist existing users and lure new visitors.  Simple and unique solution: Make users accustom to your value with updated information and content frequently. Unique value through vivid services must be provided in the form of entertainment or information to end users. The value must be apparent to users possessing tangible qualities and should be easy to utilize.

Successful apps update themselves in every minute with a new set of data and thus attract more users resulting in millions of downloads. Add value and make your users feel rewarded each time they use it.

Powerful Functionality – It’s like a backbone of an app!

How the app works? Yes, this is something critical yet vital feature that every app must possess. Being a user, you are always concerned about its functionality, and when it comes to features, you want it all perfect. App with fascinating designs will not worth you until and unless it works perfectly. If it is a gaming app, then must assure that the game play is smooth and glitch-free.

The big question, how to serve your app to different mobile platforms? Developing one app and making it work for all platforms, will not guarantee you a success. Think of offering different versions for all OS and grab the advantage of a specific platform to the fullest.

Hire proficient developer and meet all technical specifications in making your app stand out from other!

Customization option – Resist more users for the longer period!

Apps are preferable the most if they offer freedom to customize as per users choice. The users are free to calibrate the setting to match their preferences and customize the app in form of adding decoration and changing the color to app. Take an example of Weather Channel, which is not only an app itself, but as a widget as well. Here, you can report your weather and customize the details that you want to display on your app.

Loading time – App should open right away!

Speed matters when it comes to developing any application because users detest it if it starts off on a bad note. App should be very fast whether it is transition or loading of pages and even playing videos. YouTube is the best example. Though it has thousands of videos stored, you can open it and play those videos in no time.  For any heavy mobile application, it becomes essential to work on the seamless transition and other speed related issues.

Integrate Social Media – Boost visibility of your app!

Social media is the biggest platform that helps in making your app noticed to millions and thousands of users. Social sites make users acquaint about your app and pique their curiosity. With the aim of making any app visible to potential users, you should integrate social sites like Facebook and Twitter within your application. The users will not appreciate any app if they could not navigate social sharing option easily.

Tinder app integrates Facebook in a unique way. Here, users will be login through their Facebook account and can view their common friends and likes. All inside the app makes it more attractive and entertaining as well. Such integration will lead to an explosion of downloads that turns to be an ultimate success.

Operate without the wireless signal – App must possess off-line capabilities!

The users prefer apps that work even disconnected with the Internet. Working without a wireless signal has become an utmost requirement for any app today. This is due to unreachable data connection and Wi-Fi signals. iTriage, a medical app that has most of its features available off-line. You can carry out medical procedures described in the app with no internet connectivity. Isn’t it great!

Apart from these above-mentioned success factors, there lies other too like uniqueness of app, clear and instant call to action and winning graphic design. For robust growth, you need to maintain all these factors and find a sharp hike in users and ratings.

About the Author

Chirag Leuva is a CEO of an iPhone app development company named Yudiz Solutions; where he works to bring client ideas to reality. He enjoys pushing the limits of user interaction and finding ways to create awesome reusable components within a mobile environment.