Earn ‘Facebook Credits’ For Dining and Shopping Offline – Meet Plink

Posted on Jan 26 2012 - 8:25am by Editorial Staff

Have you ever wondered food and Facebook credits go side by side? A new startup name Plink announced a Facebook-credit based loyalty program tomorrow, partnering with chains including the loveable foodies companies – Dunkin’ Donuts, Red Robin and Taco Bell.

Users join Plink by logging on with their social network identities and securely registering their credit/debit cards in order to earn credits. The earning criteria is simple – the more people purchase at participating restaurants and retailers, will result into more Facebook credits earned.

The program requires no point-of-sale integration; no paper coupons to be collected; no staff training; no interruption or slow-down to the normal customer transaction process; no tracking conducted by the restaurant or offline retailer; and no setup fees, print costs, or other merchandise to purchase. Restaurants and offline retailers simply pay Plink a percentage of the sales generated by Plink members.

The process is simple at the point of purchase, as neither the customer nor the salesperson has to perform any additional tasks.

(Image Source: Plink)

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