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Posted on Apr 24 2017 - 6:46pm by Editorial Staff

E-Commerce is huge in this day and age. No more do people need to use physical stores with huge overheads to go into business and make a great success out of it. Just look at the large number of online companies that have no physical presence whatever. It can be done. There are ways you can do it. Whether selling home wrought crafts and inventions to setting up your own huge online store, you can make it a success in this current climate. You need to have the correct knowledge to do so however. This great digital age means you can do it, but only if you have the necessary skills to do the job. Luckily, they aren’t to hard to learn and others can help you implement them. These tips can get you started, good luck!

You need to decide what kind of website you want to be. Do you want to simply use Paypal? Which is fine for startups looking to get into e-commerce or were you looking for something more rigid and able to accept payment direct. If PayPal is the route, you need to find hosting companies that accept PayPal. There are a few out there but just be sure you check them out for the best one that most suits you. It needs to be secure and not susceptible to crashing. You may wish to consider your own server if you think there will be a high amount of traffic, if not a shared server will be fine.

When you set your website it needs to look professional. Sure, people will trust Paypal but if your website looks a bit tardy then they may not want to give you money. There are so many scammers and hackers out there just waiting for poor people to stumble on their website and take advantage of them. You can get rid of this by developing a site that looks great and is verified. Using good contact information also helps. This means if anything goes wrong they can get in touch. You should also leave clear refund instructions. If customers think they can get their money back they will be more likely to part with cash.

Another aspect which will lead customers to trust and indeed use your e commerce site is that of testimonials. If other past customers attest to your business then people will trust you. When someone purchases a product send an email inviting them to complete a testimonial for your business. Post these on a testimonial page. Or have the facility for people to post direct. Showing the bad testimonials help too, meaning you are impartial all the while. To cap this off you could send your products to key reviewers out there that blog or use magazines. They will publish their reviews for all to see, showing people you run a legitimate site that provides a good service. When you get more money you can tidy the site up, but for now let whatever you sell speak for itself.

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