Dubai: An Exciting Destination For Golfers

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Shopping, sightseeing and camel safari – all these may be on the top of your travel itinerary for Dubai. After all, the city of gold is famous for its beautiful beaches, shopping malls, and skyscraper buildings. But, what if we tell you that this Middle Eastern paradise is also known for its plenty of beautiful golf courses? Yes, the popularity of golf has reached a new high in the skyscraper-studded city.

Rising popularity of Golf in Dubai

Once considered a game of a select few, Golf in Dubai today is sought after by expatriates and locals alike. Overcoming the barrier of hot and dry climate, Dubai now houses some of the world’s best golf courses. Nestled among luxurious hi-rises and glitzy malls, golf courses in Dubai will give you one more reason to experience royalty in the sprawling city, which has become the financial capital of Middle East.

Golf courses in Dubai are not just attracting the tourists but also ace golfers from across the world. Golfers from all over the globe are in awe of the beautiful courses and talk highly about them.


“I haven’t seen anything like this, and I don’t think really anyone has anywhere around the world.” – Tiger Woods (About the Emirates Golf Club where he won the Dubai Desert Classic title in 2008) Photo courtesy- Wikipedia

While taking golf to a wider population in Dubai, various premier golf ranches have not just opened their golf greens to non-members but are also providing fun-packed training to those who want to take the right pathway to the game. The opportunity of spending quality time at golf greens with qualified trainers is motivating young Emiratis, expats and tourists alike to enroll for learning sessions at different courses.

Where to learn and play golf in Dubai?

The city which is known as a shopping paradise has also made its name in the golf game. Here are a few golf courses where beginners can take golfing lessons.

The Dubai Golf Academy, Emirates Golf Club

One of the oldest golf clubs in Dubai, Emirates Golf Club, has hosted several seasons of Dubai Desert Classic tournaments. The Dubai Golf Academy has nurtured many ace golfers in the past and is taking the legacy ahead. Run in association with Peter Cowen, a veteran golf coach of international fame, the Dubai Golf Academy provides a unique opportunity for beginners to follow in the footsteps of the golfgiants. Whether one wants to take individual lessons or is planning for a group session, well-equipped PGA professionals are available here to provide customized training.

Fast Track Golf Camp at The Track, Meydan Golf Club

Backed by trained golf professionals, Fast Track Golf Camp at Track, Meydan Golf is ideal for beginners who want to learn the basics of this game. Located at Dubai Race Course, this golf course provides a package of fun-filled training amid breathtaking city skylines. Besides this, corporate golf sessions are also organized that provide opportunities for amateurs to improve their game. After the training session, golfers can also enjoy exotic cuisines at the restaurant in its premises.

Arabian Ranches Golf Club

Now, beginners can pick up the basics of golf in just one week at Arabian Ranches Golf Club. With the help of good trainers, the newbies can learn the intricacies of the game fast. The highlight of the training session at this golf course is the availability of world-class amenities for learners.

Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

Overlooking Dubai’s enchanting waterfront, Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Clubopens golf lovers to a whole new world of ecstatic beauty. A home to numerous tournaments, this golf club, not only entertains world-class golfers from all over the world but also the beginners in this game. Golf learning lessons in the beautiful landscape of Dubai amid date palms and coconut trees make a memory of a lifetime.

Along with these golf courses in Dubai, there are many other clubs like Abu Dhabi Golf Club, The Els Golf Club, Towerlinks Golf Club and The Track Meydan Golf Club where beginners can learn golf rules. Golf is not just about skilled strokes but also about etiquettes. These come only with training and experience. The golf courses in Dubai arethe ideal placesto hone your golf skills. A golf outing in the city will not only add to your fun quotient but would also make unforgettable memories.

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