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Getting married and having a big luxurious white wedding is something that a lot of us secretly dream of from an early age. There is so much symbolism and importance placed on your wedding day that it’s easy to get caught up with it and have it all planned out even before we have found your soulmate. But when that magical day finally rolls around, how can you make sure that it happens exactly how you want it to? Read on to find out.

Have a vision

The first thing to do is to bring together your vision for what you want the day to be like. You can do this by browsing bridal magazines and blogs online to give your inspiration and ideas. Or you might have your own concepts that you want to showcase.

A good way of conveying your vision for the day to the others involved in it is to create a mood board with services like the one at https://www.hitched.ca/planner/moodboard/.  This can then act as a place to store all your inspirational images clipped from magazines or the internet.

Although, the things you include don’t have to be the precise choices you will want on your day. As the idea is to just give the feel of what you want. Then you can show this to your partner, bridal party, wedding planner, and vendors to help them all get on the same page.

Have a plan

Of course, a vision is something that is fairly general and flexible. But a plan is more precise. This is the stage that takes your special day from a concept to reality.

A plan should include specifics in term of the decorations, dress, venue and key parts of the day. It should act as the skeleton on which to build everything on, and as a reference to be used to check everything is on design, and schedule.

Sort your finances

After you have your plan drawn up, you are in a good position to estimate the overall cost so the wedding. Unfortunately for a lot of people this where they have to go back to the drawing board and come up with a version of their dream day that is more affordable.

However, if you haven’t got all of the money to hand to pay for the vision that you had in mind, there are other options.

Why not consider postponing the wedding giving you more time to save up for you big day. Or you can choose to take out a cash loan like the ones available at https://captaincash.ca/loans/ontario/toronto/. As these can be particularly helpful when funding a wedding as they can help you pay to deposit to secure vital elements your big day like your dress and vendors. Even if you have got the cash to hand right at that moment.

Pick the perfect venue

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Obviously, once you have a plan and your finances sorted, the next step is to find the perfect venue to fit this plan, but picking a venue can be a tricky thing. You need to consider different factors such as location, how many people it holds, cost and catering options.

Although it’s helpful to be aware that many venues do allow outside caterers to come in if you want something a little more outside of the box for your wedding food. Something like the funky wedding buffet ideas available at http://austingourmet.ca/best-wedding-buffets-for-summer-2017/.

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Assign jobs

Once you have the wedding venue under your belt, it’s time to get you friends and family involved. This is a genius idea to keep everyone busy and happy, without them having too much time or input in the rest of the day.

Assign specific roles to each person, and give them responsibility for getting it sorted. Of course, it’s up to you whether you allow them any creative control over their job or not. As this needs to be judged on whether you trust their judgment and taste levels, individually.

Find your vendors

One you have everyone busying themselves with their assigned jobs, it frees you up to source vendors for the rest of the things that need to get done. The problem with wedding vendors is that they are usually much more expensive that similar services not connected to weddings.

Unfortunately there isn’t too much you can do about this, so instead just shop around and compare reviews and prices to ensure you are getting the most for your money. It’s also useful to consult friends that have recently gotten married and ask them for personal recommendations. Especially for things like the photographer and decorator, as they are likely, to be honest with you, and give you a true picture of the service you can expect.

Invite your loved ones

Once all of the details are confirmed it’s really time to invite your friends and loved one to the day. As for why would a dream wedding be if there was no one there to enjoy it with you?

A good tip here is to remember to not send you invites out too late. As people get quickly booked up during wedding season, and you don’t want them to be in danger of missing you your special day.

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It can help to send out save the date cards too. As then folks will know when to book time off and keep it free. Even if you haven’t got every single detail ironed out.


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly on your dream wedding checklist, you need to make some time to relax. This needs to be done both throughout the entire planning stage and in particular just before the wedding day.

If possible, book some time in at a spa the day before. Where you can have a little peace and quiet and a massage to keep you calm. Often there is so much pressure on the bride and groom by this point it can be very easy for anxiety to get the best of them.

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Remember setting some time aside to relax can help combat this. After all, why bother to spend so much time, money, and effort on a dream wedding, if you are so stressed out that you don’t get to enjoy it?

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