Does Mozilla Is Coming Out With Smartphone Tablet?

Posted on Feb 25 2012 - 10:37am by Editorial Staff

Mozilla which is in an urge of creating and putting the power of the web in people’s hand, going to announce the Mozilla Marketplace will open for developers to submit Web apps at Mobile World Congress – adding to this more said to “interesting” news rounding up in webosphere is that Mozilla has teamed up with LG to bring developer-oriented mobile device to market – isn’t it is really interesting – we know Mozilla as an organization for the web browser and now with this it seems to be planning to give a strong competition to the likes of Android, Chrome, Windows Phone and iOS.

According to ExtremeTech, Mozilla has partnered with LG and will likely announce the device that could go on sale by next week, allowing the developers to develop apps for B2G, but considering the current situation there is no sign of B2G code, so it is possible that any such device which sold at the moment will have to wait for quite some time until code rolled out. Whatever the case it would be it is interesting as I mentioned at first to not, Mozilla has teamed up with a mobile partner considering it is serious about B2G.

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