Does Microsoft’s Window Phone is Dead Or What it Takes to Last More?

Posted on Jan 16 2012 - 10:43am by Editorial Staff

Microsoft’s Windows Phone, which first began appearing in device market in fall 2010 for the first time, will stands out visually. It has been bold, on-screen typography and a mosaic of animated tiles on the home screen.

Robert Scoble, tech commentator, on his Google Plus post argues that he has various conversation with exerts and executives during the recent Consumer Electronics Show that seems to conclude that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is in the urge of being doomed.

According to Scoble, while having conversation with Pandora’s CTO Tom Conrad, he indicates that they weren’t ready to dump resources into Windows Phone app development. “Right now there are 450,000 apps missing from Windows Phone that are shipping on iOS. That’s makes Windows Phone ‘unsafe’ to buy for many people,” Scoble mentioned. “This is a chicken and egg problem too. No buyers’ means developers won’t get excited by this platform. It’s like OS/2 in the 1990s. That OS was arguably better in many ways but it had no apps, so no one cared and Windows went on to own a monopoly share.”

Last, Nokia executives that Scoble chatted with – yes, the company behind the Nokia Lumia 900, seem to agree. They feel great in the beginning, but later admit that it’s going to be very tough to convince people to go with Windows Phone when Android and iOS have the apps and have users like Sascha’s business manager who says she hates Windows Phone’s OS.

The point to be focus here is that there is still more to come, we can’t declare Microsoft Windows phone dead and declare Android and iOS as the winners. The best bet right now is to wait and see in what way the market resembles in coming years.

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