Does Facebook Soon-To Announce Facebook Android-OS (Or Facebook Smartphone) Makes Any Difference?

Posted on Apr 1 2013 - 9:26am by Editorial Staff

Facebook Come See Our New Home On Android

With Facebook’s press invitation last Friday to attent its “new home on Android” confirming last year rumor about the social giant smartphone, the whole of media, then whether The Next Web, TechCrunch or 9to5Google, everyone pouring there way of heat to add grasp over the news, but one question does Facebook Android-based smartphone really make up a difference since we already having huge smartphone available already – the Android-based smartphone – from the top mobile companies around the world. Does really the social giant makes any difference?

The requirements that one indeed looking up into a smartphone, includes the functionality likes make calls, sending messages, take and share photos and videos as well as offer third-party apps – but if we see and the way we are using already-available smartphone – every great handset offers the same thing, then where does the social giant stands and what it really makes the company apart and comes in win-win situation. Another question which may round up although the social giant really having a billion + users on board on its social network but in real how much (in percentage) really come in front and buy the device.

Questions are many – one to thousands – but what really make it answerable only when Facebook on April 4th coming forward and bringing the real insights that what it really up to. We will be covering the event live, so stay tuned with us and catch all the actions.

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