Do You Always Lose Your License After A DUI?

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Getting arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or any other such substance, it will almost definitely lead you into spending money on several legal matters; and a license suspension.

Having a driver’s license revoked after becoming a convicted drunk driver is almost always a guarantee. Most often, the only way a driver convicted if a DUI may challenge his case in court and come out successful is when they argue to have their charges reduced; a plea that hardly ever results in revoking the license suspension.

Driving under the influence is of course risky, irresponsible business; it not only puts the driver in harm’s way but, it also endangers the lives of other road users and pedestrians. The potential outcome of a driver behind the wheels after heavy drinking is surely enough justification for the tight laws surrounding a conviction under suspicion of same. If you are from Los Angeles and ever faced traffic tickets Los Angeles, you know how frustrating it can be. Make sure you immediately hire a traffic ticket attorney to represent you to quickly resolve the issue.

What Happens When I get a DUI?

Arrest and Booking

An arrest under suspicion of drunk driving will almost always be followed by a ride in the police car to the jail. You will be booked as an offendant, with mug shots and fingerprints taken. Some states offer immediate release upon bail payment, but others require some hours of jail time before release.

Court Appearance

A DUI arrest comes with a court summons bearing the date of your court appearance, where you will have to face the charges attached to your crime. Most courts now present video coverage of the arrest and officer testing you for drunk driving, so pleading not guilty is usually not going to work in court.

Suspension of Driver’s License

There are no allowances made for even a first time offender; all states mandate a suspension of driving privileges for a stipulated time, even though some states make allowances for drives to school or work. Some states have even stricter policies involving driver’s license, and may issue a suspension without a court appearance.

Pay Fines

In addition to court appearances and suspension of driver’s license, part of the sentence for a DUI arrest include paying a fine. The amount paid would be influenced by circumstances surrounding the arrest; including casualties and damages. Some states allow for the accused to plead their case concerning the stipulated fine.


The court will place the drunk driver under probation, and during this time, there is the threat of getting sent to jail if there is any slight breach of the terms surrounding the probation. There are also fees surrounding this probation sentence.

Drunk Driving School

The journey to restoring a driver’s license after a DUI suspension begins by completing a program in drunk driving school. Most states make this program mandatory, and the program includes drinking assessments and awareness on drunk driving.

The legal and social ramifications of driving under the influence certainly seem bigger than what it would cost to hire a taxi or get someone else to drive if you find yourself even slightly intoxicated. It is always better to stay on the right side of law, and ensure your safety as well as others’. If you would like to keep your driving privileges intact, then avoid driving under the influence.

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