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Posted on May 22 2017 - 5:47pm by Editorial Staff

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When disaster hits your business, it can take down your company overnight. You will be crippled, you won’t be able to continue to operate on the market, and even if you do recover, it can take months, even years. The truth is that only big businesses can survive disaster scenarios. When Sony was hacked, people thought it would take down the company. However, despite the fact they are in a period of recovery the business has survived. This would not be the case for a small, medium-sized enterprise. A hack could easily be the death of a new business.

Why is this? When you are hacked, the criminals won’t be targeting your company directly. Instead, they will be using your business to steal the sensitive data of your clients. Usually, the first evidence of a business hack is a client that has been the victim of fraud. When they investigate this, their bank will be able to source it back to your company. Will they continue to buy from you? Probably not and instead they will seek out your competition.

That’s why you need to make sure you are taking measures to prevent the hack completely. One of the ways to do this would be to hire an IT support team to monitor your accounts. However, a hack isn’t the only disaster that can hit your company. You need to think about all the issues so you can put the preventive measures in place.

Environmental Incident

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The most common environmental issue in business is a fire. A fire is usually caused by a problem with your machinery or tech. To avoid a problem like this, you must make sure that you are getting your tech and equipment regularly checked for issues. However, you also need to think about the scenario if the worst happens and a fire does break out on your business premises. Ideally, you want to be able to guarantee it can be put out immediately and you can ensure this by using the right equipment. Although, it’s not just about buying the products. You need to make sure you are regularly testing them as well. You can do this with fire testing services that are available for every company.

You should also think about the location of your company. Some locations are more susceptible to environmental incidents. For instance, if you are operating in California, you could find that your business experiences quite a few earthquakes. This won’t be the case if you are operating somewhere like Alabama. So depending on the location of your company, you may need to think about additional insurance options.


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Lastly, it is possible that your business is a victim of theft. This can be part of a hack and rather than stealing data files, they simply swipe the capital of your company. To avoid this, you need to consider increasing your business security. One option would be using a cloud data server. Thought by experts to be the most secure way to store data, cloud servers are cheap and the perfect solution for companies that don’t want to be vulnerable.

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