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Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 12:04pm by Brandon Peters

Plants Vs Zombies

Who doesn’t love fun and exciting arcade games? Most people grow up with them and until now, they are still playing some of their favorites. But in this age of modern technology, most of us have outgrown the traditional arcade gaming machines. Instead, we have one of the coolest and amazing mobile gaming devices—the iPad.

Through the iPad’s touch-screen and motion-controlled gaming system, and with the availability of hundreds of fantastic games—from action to role-playing, strategy to racing, board and card to trivia and to puzzle and more—at super low prices, modern arcade game experience will be more intense, intimate and explosively marvelous. I know we all have different preferences, but here is my top ten favorites that you might also like to experience and enjoy.

Plants vs. Zombies

Breathtaking, brain-busting and really fun gameplay, this award-winning fun-dead action-strategy adventure just keeps on getting better. Its sequel will take your game to different dimensions. With your iPad, you only need your fingers to smash the zombies in your lawn.

Benji Bananas

Interesting, stimulating and addictive, this beautiful swinging  game will require you, as Benji, to collect as many bananas from many games. The many bananas you collect, the better the gears you can buy. Swinging and collecting bananas will never be fun without Benji. Just keep on swinging to discover new worlds.

Angry Bird Space HD

I’ve always been an Angry Birds fan since the release of its first game in 2009. Addictive, humorous and inexpensive, the Angry Birds is a classic game for all ages. With Angry Birds Space, the challenge and levels of excitement just keep on getting intense and higher.

Infinity Blade II

This game is another winner that you have to include in your list of favorites. Packed with action and interesting storyline, this game will truly test your iPad when it comes to intense gaming. If you loved swords and sidereal encounters, Infinity Blade II will give you a satisfying experience.

Dumb Ways to Die

If you would like something unique, this is the right game for you.  Here, you will have an important role to play, to save some lovable characters from dying. But here is the twist, in dumb ways. Downright odd but entertaining, this game is quite an excellent way to kill the time and enjoy.

Flow Free

It’s like being inside a maze and you need to find your way out. But instead of finding the exit, you will be searching for the right path to connect like-colored blobs through paths that do not cross with other colors. It looks easy, but as the level goes up, or go on a timed challenge, your brain will be tested.

Real Racing 3

For racing enthusiasts, this is a must-have. With your iPad, you will enjoy the amazing visuals that perfectly blend with the exciting tracks and terrific cars. Race hard, feel the heat and experience an adrenaline-rushing gameplay that you will surely get addicted with. Racing will be more adventurous with Real Racing 3.

Frisbee Forever

You’re not thinking of literal frisbee, are you? Well, this game will let you explore and have fun by steering a frisbee in order to collect stars that are strewn along different, tricky paths which will take you to different spots. It is not only fun and exciting, it is also refreshing.

Fruit Ninja

How do you like to take on a fruit a slicing adventure? Well, that’s what you are going to do in this fun classic. But hold on, it’s not a simple slicing game. You will also need a strategy. It also has three different modes and if your friends would like to join in the fun, you can also enjoy the multiplayer levels.

Bejeweled Blitz

Swap gems, make it faster and make the top score on the table in this addicting game. If you could do it, then you will be empowered and the game will become more exciting. When you are traveling or waiting for your flight in the airport, this will be a good way to kill time in a fun way.

To make your gaming experience more rewarding, always equip your iPad with the best keyboard. When I play with my iPad 2, it feels very invigorating. But just a simple reminder when you are done using your gadget—always secure it. Like me, I always ensure that my iPad 2 is well protected with one of the best iPad 2 cases available in the market to make it last for many years.

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