Digg’s Google Reader Survey: People Keep On Trying To Find A Perfect RSS Products As Per Their Needs, But Not Able To Find The One Yet

Posted on Apr 12 2013 - 7:27am by Editorial Staff


Back in March, Digg said that it is serious about building its own reader service and with moving a step further; the company has found some interesting facts and figures in its recent Google Reader survey. The company sent out its survey to more than 17,000 people who signed up in lieu of getting an alternative for Google Reader and in return the company received more than 8,000 responses so far.

The survey results are as follows:

  • 80% of respondents check Google Reader many times a day while 40% of users follow more than 100 feeds.
  • Over 75% of respondents indicated that they use Google Reader for both work and play.
  • People keep on trying a lot of different types of RSS products, but not got the one which meet their needs.
  • 67% reported that they use keyboard shortcuts at least some of the time.
  • While 25% reported never using search, over just over half said that they sometimes do.
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